I was going through my camera and here are a few pictures we took last year of the dogs and me together! Here are me and the loves of my life!!
                                         Matilda's 1st birthday (she wasn't happy about the hat)
                                                           Our Christmas card photoshoot :)
                                                    Duke when he was still a tiny puppy
                                            Matilda Photoshoot Day!!!! I love this picture!!
 Duke and Me When he was a little doggie yet :) I had the camera out one day and got a pic of us together :)
Duke at 6months of age
Duke Photoshoot (happy Dog)
                               Matilda training session/photoshoot I was training her to "pose"
                                                                Duke 11months 25 days

                                                                      Matilda 1yr and 9 months

                               a puppy from the Novemeber 2012 litter (mother:princess)


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