11 months old

My wonderful dog that I raised from puppy on up! (she is one of the puppies from Sasha's last litter)

Matilda so Far:
You may wonder why I made a page specifically for Matilda but this is her training so far.

Matilda is an amazing dog she has her days but who doesn't but for the most part she is a well behaved dog. I decided to advance her training and I no longer could do it on my own so I started taking her to a trainer. I made it clear before I even started that I wanted to be the one training her because no matter what the trainer and dog have a unique bond ,one you can't get otherwise and he understood that and it has been very rewarding our bond is closer she obeys so much better on and off leash. She is on leash the mahority of the time yet but hopefully that will change once the 8 week training program is up!

The training program is that I have a box that I work on so I don't have to bend down all the time and hence I wont get a bad back :) And it also has another purpose as well the man who thought this whole program up also trains dogs who help chairbound people and when they are in a Walmart restraunt or anything else if you ask them to "down" they can't be all sprawled out they have to be in a form of an Egyptian sphyx and the reason for the box is that if the dog does it wrong they will fall off the box if they do it right they will stay on the box.

The system is all on praise and not treats and I can see a big difference in Matilda in the past 3 weeks that I have been putting her through this program she is a much happier obedient dog because she thrives on praise and she loves the sessions because she loves being worked and having a purpose and also the praise helps tremendously.

4/1/14 I haven't been doing alot of training lately because Matilda had babies about half a year ago and I haven't really started the training again ,but I have been walking her almost every day and kind of been incorporating training into our walks!! Matilda had 10 puppies.

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