About My Dogs

    Many people probably think that all the fuss that breeders and fanciers make over their purebred dogs—how they look, how they move—is unnecessary. Why do the teeth need to be just so? Why does a judge do such a thorough hands-on evaluation of twenty dogs that to most of us look so much alike? The answer lies in the fact that purebred dogs are bred for a specific purpose and that the structure of the dog impacts its ability to do what it has been bred for be it retrieving game, guarding livestock, tracking lost people, or pulling sleds full of supplies to a snowed-in village.


Yes, she has her quirks, makes me mad ,and respect is an issue , but she is the one that keeps me from going totally insane and makes it easier to go through the day knowing I have a wonderful dog to go to in the end of the day! We have an odd bond I see me in her so much she doesn't let anyone get too near her emotionally and physicly she is "I will lick you and give you my paw to hold but PLEASE do not hug me". She isn't an affectionate dog but a more loyal companio you will not find you will not find! She is very energetic and like me loves to get her blood pumping and enjoy life to the fullest!

He is my little charmer loves me to distraction and is very affectionate and is so obedient. He makes me laugh at his clumsiness and enthusiasm to obey whatever I tell him to do. He is my prankster if anything is shredded, chewed ,or just plain out of place you can gaurentee Duke did it :). without him I believe I would have gone on thinking there isn't a dog in the world that automaticly doesn't pull on the leash. He loves to fetch the ball over and over again as long as you throw he will fetch. And he has the longest tail in history when he stands it touches the ground, big goffy floppy ears ,and a heart of Gold!!

Sasha: 5yrs                                              I sold her in November of 2011
I owned her only for a year and couple months but she was my favorite dog! She was very compassionate and VERY loyal!! She was calm! She went to live with an elderly couple! She now lives inside and can sit on the couch and "watch her cartoons" LOL her new owners are wondeful!!!!

Dusty: 5yrs                                              I sold him in May of 2011
My rescue doggie I worked and worked to train him but never got far with him. I sold him to a neighbor boy and he is now a farm dog and is more dog than he was when I had him! Glad he went to a good home!

            Old about my dogs:
Matilda: 10 months Meaning: Strong, of great power DOB: 8.29.11
This is Matilda her and Duke are my only dogs but, She is my joy! She is a very hyper active dog! She loves to jump around and chase anything in her way but now that I finally trained her to sit she sits but you can tell she wants to GO!! Wich is normal! And by the way her name fits her she is 55lbs. of pure muscle! She has been surprisingly good with Duke she does pine for my attention more now and I guess it's because she sees me paying attention to another dog besides just her! On a normal day I take her on walks in the morning and have a 25min. training session!

Duke: 8 weeks Meaning: "Leader" DOB: May 8, 2012
He is a in his "puppy stage" LOL he is calm but yet has that puppy eagerness about him! He LOVES water I learned that in the day and half I have owned him. He will sit in his water bowl to stay cool! He is my little "guy" I take him on walks in the evening and a 10min. training session!

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