Sunday, February 19, 2017

C-section Drama

What a challenging last couple of weeks it has been. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. It has been a challenge to let go of self and what I want and surrender my will completely to God and tell Him that it is ok He may do with my life as He pleases. But once that surrender  came oh, life became SO much sweeter and easier again! It seemed as if life kept piling up and I would NEVER be able to get over that mountain. And it was then again that I realized I was trying to do it on my own strength and not relying on God to help me.

As some of you may know Matilda had a litter of puppies 3 weeks ago. Oh how happy that made me, but she had a few complications. On Tuesday January 31st I noticed a huge change in how she was acting, she had been off food for awhile and that is normal for a dog when they are about to deliver , but she was acting like she had no energy and didn't want to do anything. So to the vet we took her and found out she was dehydrated. They wanted to keep her overnight and put her on IV but I wasn't comfortable leaving a very pregnant dog at the vet overnight with no supervision, so they put a liter of fluid under her skin, gave her antibiotics and sent her home.

On Wednesday morning we woke up to a perkier dog who was also in labor. She started having puppies at 9am and continued throughout the day. She had 6 puppies but then around 5:30 labor just stopped and we gave it a bit, but then I decided it was time to taker her to the vet (we knew she had 9-11 pups inside her because they had done an x-ray the day before) We took her to PETS emergency and they did a wonderful job of taking care of her. They did another x-ray and concluded that the puppies were very far away from the birth canal yet and all 3 of them were feet first (breeched) so the vet said he would induce her labor and get that started again and see if we couldn't make her have them naturally.

She had one of the puppies naturally, but after one more shot and hours of pushing I finally told them to go ahead and do the C-section. So they went in to rescue the last two babies. One of them was dead and the other was healthy! So we loaded mamma and babies back up after spending all night at the vet and headed home to get them settled back in and get some much needed rest.

Whew.....flash forward 2 1/2 weeks. Mamma and babies are doing wonderful and mamma just got her stitches out on Wednesday and it is healing wonderfully and the babies are growing like weeds! I am trying to soak in all the puppy cuteness while I can cause all too soon it will be time to say goodbye. We are thankful to God for 8 healthy babies!!!

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