Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trust? or Fear?

Trust. Something a lot of people struggle with. Maybe because they have been severely hurt by someone in their past or because someone broke their trust. Whatever the case may be I don't believe trust comes naturally to us as humans. It is something that needs to be built over time, and if ever broken it takes even longer to earn back again and that relationship will never be the same.

But there is one person who can always be trusted no matter what. He has never broken his promise and has never left anyone behind. And that is Jesus. The person that cared so much for each and every one of us that he left behind all the splendor of Heaven to rescue us from our sin by dying on the cross so that we one day can live in glory with Him. I think someone who is willing to give everything on my behalf is worthy of my faith and trust!

I am not saying this trust comes easy, because yes, sometimes it seems that God has no idea what he is doing in your life and that he is giving you the trial just to see how you will respond. But trust me that's not how God works. He has a divine plan and purpose for everything he brings your way! He knows exactly what we can handle and how much. He will never give us something that with His strength we can't get through.

I think that little phrase is something we often forget though, the whole "With His Strength". We can't do it on our own and God knows that, that is why He is there ready, able, and willing to help us. He also knows that without the trials we would never become the refined, broken, humble people that He can use to better His kingdom. God can't use a proud, selfish person to accomplish his will in their lives because if you are proud and selfish you probably think you can do life on your own without His help.

There are so many times in my life that I am so thankful that I had God to lean on. And can't imagine how people go through life without trusting in God. He has been a very faithful companion and has given me the strength, grace, and courage to go through every day. It is because of my trust in him that I can have the peace and joy inside even when things are going haywire around me.

No this trust in Him obviously does not give us a free no pain ticket in life it just gives us the guarantee that we will have the grace of God to get through all that comes our way! I love the quote "God didn't promise days without pain, sun without rain, but he did promise strength  for the day and light for the way" that is so true! He is always there whenever you need him and even when life is good he is there all the time!!!

God Bless you as you go through this week!
~Rose Mary
"God is good all the time, and all the time God is good"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Washington Trip 2016

People say they want to go on the trip of a lifetime....but I say isn't that what life is? You will never be able to walk this way again, experience this day or even this moment ever again! But yes I know I am blowing that term all out of proportion :) using it in the way that it is meant, I got to go on the trip of a lifetime! By myself nonetheless. I flew out to Washington state to visit my sister Lisa for 5 days! We had such a blast catching up on each others lives again especially since we hadn't seen each other in over 3 years.

I flew out Monday. Then Tuesday we went shopping at some of the local thrift stores (yes I overbought so not everything fit in my suitcase), Wednesday we went to the top of Mount Erie and got to see the "top" of the world (ok maybe not the top, but it was an amazing view) and we then went to the beach by the Deception Pass Bridge and even went across the bridge (such gorgeous scenery they have to enjoy on the West Coast), Thursday we went across on the ferry to Port Townsend and spent the day there on the beach and by the lighthouse and touring the town and all the little shops they have along there (if you ever get that way stop at the spice store they have on the main st it is so cute and the people are SO friendly) and we went to the beach close to her house to watch the sunset (ahhhhhh the perfect end to a perfect day), And then Friday Lisa took me to Costco because I wanted to see what it was like and then we went to this amazing bookstore that had like 10,000 books (not kidding, but they are overpriced) and then we went home and hung out for the rest of the day! Needless to say the trip was amazing and we had so much fun together and she is an amazing tour guide!

Now for some pictures..... (In advance I am not going to apologize for all the sunset pictures because they were all so beautiful I couldn't decide on only a few)