Saturday, June 25, 2016

June Update :)

Life is an amazing journey, it is all in the attitude and outlook on life that makes it gloomy or bright! 

We have been very busy at work lately with many new clients and 3 new workers! Which is amazing because that means business is booming! I love what I do and the people I work with! We can all be a bit crazy at times but crazy is good and makes for some really fun memorable times!

We finally got new dog kennels and got the concrete poured and the dog barn moved! I painted the inside and outside of the barn and that was a major improvement! The dogs love their new homes and I think it is the best set up so far!

Dorothy and I have been hanging out quite a bit lately especially since she is leavin for
I-go in August and will be gone till Dec. I am really gonna miss having her around.About two weeks ago we went to Hershey and acted like total tourists it was so much fun. We went to the Hershey Story museum and then got coffee and then went to Choclate World and did all the fun things there. It was so great to just hang out with her again!

Then we were together again today. I worked in the morning then around 4 she came over and we went out to eat with my family and then just hung around home and looked at photo albums and she met my dogs :) and we just chattere! It was a very good day!

Well I hope you all have an amazing monthe of July! Have a safe 4th and hopefully by the next time you hear from me Kelsey will have had  her puppies ;)!! Until next time!
~Rose Mary