Thursday, May 26, 2016

Accidents and Changes


Life is full of some unexpected twists and turns. May 6-13 I spent my time in Virginia. I jumped between Ruth Ann's house and Mountain View. The first weekend Fri. Sat. I was at Mountain View we had something they call Former's weekend where all of us former staff that had left Mountain View in the last year come back and do all the mulching around the home. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of work done!! Sat. night was a farewell it seems hard to believe that by the end of the year most of the people I served with will be gone.

After the farewell I headed down to Ruth Ann's house. I got there around 12 and we sat on the couch and talked until 2. The next morning we went to church then we spent the afternoon and evening at Tyler's parent's house. I was at their house Mon,Tues, and most of Wed. We picked strawberries and then cut them up, mashed them, and made them into jam. We then canned them. We baked a cake and they got a new cat :), and we shopped.

On Wednesday afternoon I headed back to Mountain View because there was a graduation of some of the nursing students. On my way down I was about half an hour from Mountain View and I had an accident. I was coming down a pretty steep hill towards a light ,the light had just turned green and so people were just starting to move, and the lady in front of the person that I hit stop very suddenly with no apparent reason. I saw the lady stopping and I slammed on my brakes and I was pretty sure I was going to be able to stop on time but then I felt my tires lose grip from the wet roads ,so I slid right into her. I sat there in shock for a bit. I got out of the vehicle to talk to her and I saw that my vehicle was losing a lot of fluid. It lost all its transmission fluid and antifreeze fluid. So it obviously wasn't drivable anymore so I drove it to the side of the road and called Tyler. I was only about hour and a half from their house. So the cop said that he would watch the vehicle until they came to pick it up. One of the girls from Mountain View was in town so she picked me up and took me back to Mountain View. Tyler and Ruth Ann came and got the Tahoe which was so nice. It's going to take more parts than any of us thought it would but I think it will be worth fixing. The cop wrote the accident up as neither of our faults because he said it was circumstantial and there's no way I could have avoided hitting her so that was really nice.

Thurs. I spent my morning at the pinning  part of the graduation. I was going to stay for the grad but I was sore from my accident so it was hard for me to sit so I went back to Mountain View. And when I got back one of the girls and I went running/dancing in the rain :) (you should try it sometime it brings the little person out of you)!!

Friday one of the ladies that lives in Aroda was going down to Liberty University which is 20min. from Ruth Ann's house, so she took me along and I got back there at 9. We bought plants and planned where we were going to plant them. We chatted and bought coffee :). On Saturday we planted the plants in their front flowerbed :) we planted all the bulbs and seeds and put sticks where each thing was planted (by the time we were done it looked like all we had planted was a bunch of sticks). After 4 hours of planting we took lunch to Tyler and ate our lunch in the woods.

Mary Rose came down on Sat night because she came down to take me home :) (I have some amazing cousins in case you wondered). On sun we went to church then after lunch we chatted for awhile then it was time to head home again. It made me sad to leave I loved hanging out with my sister for a week.

On Monday, May 16 I started my first outside-of-the-home-not-a-mission job!! I work for Mahalo Cleaning and Services owned by Christy Madara!! I love what I do. My boss is amazing and the work is very active so I like that!! We clean 2-3 houses a day and some commercial work. I work 4-5 days a week!

Well I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day and weekend! Have a blessed day!
~Rose Mary

Monday, May 2, 2016

April Showers....bring May flowers


Come and walk with me, I shall tell you the story of my life the past few months! Last week I babysat the cutest little boy, he is four years old and has a lot of energy, loves to read Winnie the Pooh stories, pet the dogs, and help sweep the floors and sort laundry. I had so much fun with him.

Last week we also peeled all the wallpaper off my bedroom walls. It took a lot longer than we thought it would because apparently it was pretty new stuff and was glued fast very well yet! But after much sweat, yes, even blood, and prayers it finally came off (and much fabric softener :). The next day we painted it a beautiful yellow/white! I love it and thanks to my aunt and cousin for helping!

Over the weekend we went to our very close friends house. They are twins and have been family friends close to 20 years (yes, I was very tiny when we met them). We went up Saturday night and  went out for pizza and many laughs. We went back to their house and just sat down and talked until 12:00am. The next morning we woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. We ate breakfast and then went to their church. Oh it was so good to see their fellow worshippers. Everyone was so welcoming it felt like we were coming home! We went back to their house and they made us lunch of grilled chicken and pork, potato wedges, carrots, and baked beans (trust me they know how to cook). We then sat and talked until supper (some slept :) mom and I made hoagies for supper we ate and then we washed dishes and then pried ourselves away and headed home! What a good weekend!

This week is turning out to be quite a busy week. Mom and I are working at a place that dips strawberries in chocolate (Sherri's Berries) and arranges them to sell over Mother's Day. We sorted strawberries all day ( we are only working there for the week). Tomorrow though I am taking Duke and Kelsey to the vet. Then this weekend, Lord Willing, I will be heading to Virginia again!!

May the Lord Bless you this week! Until Next Time ~ Rose Mary