Monday, October 12, 2015

New Jersey Trip!!


Saturday was a beautiful morning to be driving!! We left early Saturday morning at 5 o'clock in the morning to head to a wedding in New Jersey. There was five of us in the van and we all know each other well so the chatter was lively. We headed north and it got colder as we went along. About 830 we all were a bit hungry so we stopped at a McDonald's to get some breakfast. We arrived at the church and about 9:30.

The wedding started at 10:30 and it was such a beautiful wedding. the message was on "the joy of life in Christ". We had a 25 minute drive to the reception. So until we got sat down and served our food it was 2:30 and the wedding wasn't over until 4:00. It was a long wedding and we still had four hours to drive home.

I got behind the wheel for the long trek home. We left at 5:00 and chatted and laughed the whole way home and didn't arrive at Mountain View until 10:00 it was a long day we were wore out but we were happy!! 

Today I have off and have plans of going shopping so it should be a good relaxing day. I hope you all had an amazing week we have revivals at the church here this week so we have church every evening it should be an interesting week!!

Until Next time!! ~Rose Mary 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wedding Pictures!!

All the bridesmaids: Sarah, Lane, Ruth Ann, Rose Mary, and Shannon

Cousins: me, Josh, Ruth Ann❤️Tyler, Sarah, Chris, Mary Rose

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Memories and Pictures

Here is a picture post!! These pictures were taken from June - September!! These are pics of days off or just things I did with friends!! Enjoy!!

                Kayaking June 10
Back Row LtoR: Eli, Drew, Heidi, Bethany
Front Row LtoR: Carita, Rose Mary, Floyd

       Brenneman's Cabin June 9
Back Row LR: Carita,Lizz,Bethany,Floyd,
Drew,Eli, Matt
Front Row LR: Melissa,Dorothy,Charlene, Heidi, Rose Mary
Getting flowers ready for the bbq we had for the residents!! ~ June 17
LR: Sarita, Me, Shirley, Crystal
This day off group we went to Skyline Drive!! ~June 19
Girls LR: Me, Rosalyn, a friend, Lois, Melora, Kristalyn, Shirley, Dorothy, Janelle, Sarita, Emi, Hibiscus.
Guys: Ricky and Drew
An all girls day off we went swimming!!
                   June 22
Back Row: Me, Rachel, Emi, Michelle, Shirley, Katrina, Freida, Heidi, Dorcas
Front Row: Kristalyn, Charlene, Dorothy, Laura
Rhonda and I went and celebrated one evening!! ~June 29
          Our yummy food that evening
Our doorm went out together before we were split because Rachel moved out.
                     July 10
A staff day off we went to Monticello and Michie tavern!! July 23
LR girls: Sheena, Me, Laurena, Naomi, Kristalyn, Katrina, Charlene, Julia, Lizz, Lois.
Back row: Steve, Michelle, Floyd, Julitta, Drew and Jeremy at the end
3 of us girls went out to eat together and shopping and just hung out!! August 12
               Kristen, Me, Mary Beth
Hibiscus and I just went to a park together just to chat and get to know each other better!! August 17
Just a random picture just because they are botb leaving soon. August 26
Another day off group we went to a park and went on wals played games and just had a relaxing time!! 
LR: Charlene, Rachel, Michelle, Julitta, Heidi, Dorcas, Shirley, Dorothy, James, Kristalyn, Matt, Katrina, Lois, Me
      Best Friends ❤️ Dorothy and I!!              
                   September 10
We went to Inn at Willow Grove a plantation in Orange. And we took pictures and then ate supper there!!
                    September 10
Inside the restaurant!! September 10

What a good year it has been so far!! Hope you wnjoy the pictures!! I very much enjoyed taking them and making the many memories!!