Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This month has been an amazing month so far!! On September 11 my future brother-in-law pick me up and took me along with him to my house. That weekend was filled with horseback riding, eating at Applebee's,running through the rain , And eating out with the family.

I was at home September 11–23 it was an amazing week and a half. The first week I spent a lot of time with Ruth Ann before she got married. Monday and Tuesday we worked on wedding things Monday evening our family went to Olive Garden to celebrate mom and dad's birthdays!!

Wednesday we went and got wedding shoes and had a dress fitting. Thursday we went shopping in the morning for some things that Ruth Ann needed for her wedding day. Then in the afternoon we gave both of her horses a bath and both her dogs a bath!! And in the afternoon we went shopping at Walmart with her cousins. And that evening our cousins and Tyler and Ruth Ann and I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and then we decided to go to the fair and we ate cotton candy and popcorn and rode the rides!! 

Friday was the day of the reception set up and the rehearsal. Set up took most of the morning and some of the afternoon. It looked beautiful by the time we were done!!

Then Friday evening was a rehearsal and one of the girls that wasn't there for the dress fitting had her dress fitting that evening. It all went well and I think we pretty much knew what we needed to do the next day!!

Then came the Big day. The day they had been waiting for, for seven months!! We got up at 5:00! And started taking pictures at 6:15 ,they did a first look. It was a gorgeous day to take pictures it was nice and foggy and beautiful lighting. We took pictures with all the bridal party starting at 7:45 and got done with that about 9:00 and then they went up to the horses and took pictures with the horses!! We then got back to the house and put Ruth Ann's dress on the table and scrubbed all the stains out before the wedding.

We then went up to the church and ate lunch and then took family pictures. We then had a meeting with the ministry and all the bridal party and both sets of parents and the couple. Then it was time for the ceremony. Everything went great and nobody messed up :-). And 
Tyler ❤️ Ruth Ann were officially married!!
We then went over to the reception hall and took a few more pictures and mingled for a while and then the bridal party went in and sat down. We then ate. The menu consisted of:
Roast beef, ham loaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, and cake and ice cream. We then signed our names on the witness spot on the marriage certificate and then the happy couple headed out for their honeymoon. We then cleaned up the reception hall and headed home at about 7:00 that evening.

Sunday was a very wonderful day we went to church in the morning and I slept most of the rest of the day and then dad's family got together that evening.

Monday I helped mom unpack some boxes that were in the garage and cleaned up the basement. And I also am finally moved into my room at our new house!!

Then Monday evening my cousin came and slept overnight and she helped us take a load to Goodwill and go furniture shopping on Tuesday and we bought some couches and chairs for down in the basement. Tuesday evening I went and visited my aunt and uncle and I was there all evening and we had a very nice visit!!

Wednesday I washed my new vehicle and change the power steering fluid and fix the ceiling. And I showed mom how to do some things with the dogs now that Ruth Ann is not going to be there to help her. And then it was time to leave and I met up with one of the girls that was heading down to Mountain View and we arrived back home at about 8:30 Wednesday night!!

On Friday night one of my really good friends and I from Mountain View went out to eat at a Chinese place. We usually do something about once a month but this is our last thing now before she leaves she is farewelling on Saturday.

It was really great being at home but it is really great to be back here at Mountain View again and getting back into the swing of things again. Hope y'all have a great month!! Until Next Time!!
~Rose Mary