Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Update

Life keeps moving at quite a rapid pace. I can't believe I am over half way through my term here at Mountain View. Time just flies when you are having fun. 

I am still in housekeeping at the moment and my new housekeeping supervisor will be coming in the end of August so that will be very nice to be relieved of some of those extra responsibilities. 

The staff have been very active in the smmer we do alot of fun and invigorating things, such as hiking, kayaking, picnics, softball, and of course lots of volleyball. We had volleyball tournaments about a month ago those are so much fun but you are so worn out till they are over. My team was in 2nd place. We played a total of 14 games in a matter of 4 and half hours it was very intense.

We also had an outting for the residents we took them down to the pavilion and had burgers and potatoe salad and watermelon!! And they got to tour our new dorms!! Oh they loved it. 

And every year Mountain View breaks the staff up into three groups and takes them on a paid staff day off. My group was so much fun and we went to Monticello which is Thomas Jeffersons house and plantation. Such a beautiful place. And then we went to Michie tavern and had lunch oh it was so delicious then we had a tour of the tavern and they had some shops along there. Then we went and hiked humped back rocks. Now that is a very strenuous hike. Straight up for 40 minutes. But the view is amazing you can literally see for miles. Then we headed back down and ate lunch in the park. It was an amazing day off and everyone was wore out till it was over.

Tonight 12 of us staff went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings that places food is really good!! Me and one of the girls shared a burger and some wings!! It was really nice to just relax and hang out with some random staff again!! 

You can continue to pray for us as staff as we daily interact with the residents and their families and that we can show Christ to them by our every day lives!!

God Bless and continue to serve him where you are planted!!
Until next time!! ~Rose Mary

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chages Happen, Embrace them!!

The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those a hope in his mercy.
~Psalm 147:11

I want to always have hope in the Lord because if I hope in the Lord I will be happy in the Lord. 

Life brings struggles and trials but it is how we respond to them and what we rely on while we are going through them is how the outcome will look like. 

Ok. On to life here. We are keeping busy and the temperature is keeping us very warm. I just got back about a week ago from being home for a week. I went home to help my family move off the farm to a place on top of a mountain in the woods :) quite the difference and you can smell that when you walk out the door!
Old house

New house

It was quite interesting and something I never experienced before and don't care to experience again! But now that it is done I am happy with where we live and like our new house.

Here at Mountain View I am still in housekeeping and I still enjoy it very much!! We have some extra work right now with the flower beds and water fountains and ect. but it is good and I love being busy.

We as doormies went out for a night in town!! Oh we had so much fun. We went to a fancy restaurant and then went shopping and took pictures!! Oh we had a blast!! Here are some of the pictures we took!!

What a good group of women!! Couldn't ask for a better dorm!! Love them all!!

I haven't had many days off with groups right now because of going home but next week I will again!! 

Well that is all for now!! Until Next Time!
~Rose Mary