Friday, April 17, 2015

As Unto the Lord?

Do we know how much we cost? No I am not thinking of how much money we spend on ourselves ,I am thinkig of how much our Savior Jesus Christ went through so that we could have eternal life with him!! Do we really grasp how much pain he went through before even being hung on the cross? If we would actually understand the pain he went through we wouldn't even hesitate to give our whole lives and hearts to him and to surrender all we have and all our lives to his service. 

The main reason we as humans were placed on this earth is to bring honor and glory to our Lord through all that we do and say. One of the things I have learned while being at Mountain View. We should do all our work and everything we say "As unto the Lord" so if I think about that while I am working that if God would be standing here watching me or if this was God's house would I do it this way?

Maybe that got off subject a bit but it is something that has been pressed on my mind lately. When we get to the end of our life will we look back in regret because we lived our lives in selfishness and pride or did we live it "As unto the Lord"? Some thoughts to ponder!!
Until next time!!
~Rose Mary

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chorus Tour

Wow ot has been a whole month since I wrote in here. Life just flies by when you are having fun!! 

We have done alot since I wrote!! Last week on Tuesday we came home from a 5 day chorus tour!! I have been on quite a few tours but this one was just amazing and the best one yet!! We left at 5 Friday morning and hit some bad weather 3 hours into the trip and the bus did some fishtailing but God worked a miracle and set us straight again!! And we saw many miracles on that trip one guy had a really bad stuffy nose and every time we would get up to sing it would just go away. 

This was our itinerary:
Friday March 20 Shipshewana, IN 
Saturday March 21 Lansing MN
Sunday March 22 Kalona IA
Sunday March 22 Seymour MO
Monday March 23 Calico Rock AR

It was very full and busy but lots of fun and we made tons of good memories!! On Monday we went to Lambert's cafe where they throw hot rolls and their good portions are huge we shared them between two people. It was so good and it was nice to have a relaxing day. 

We then Headed to Hillcrest Nursing home and had a tour and a Q&A session. The. We got ready and headed on to CBS. Bible school to give a program and then we were goingg to drive through the night. 

Our program that night was amazing!! The presence of God was very much felt and the songs just popped out at us. We then got changed into more comfortable clothes and loaded on the bus and headed for home!! We left CBS at 10:30 and people were so keyed up that they didn't fall asleep until 12:00 I fell asleep almost right away and slept until 2 then I slept in and out until we stopped at 5:30 to switch drivers and we all got a bathroom break then too. And amazingly the bus stayed quiet until 10:00 and then at 10:30 we stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Kentucky. Then we only had 6 more hours to go!! We were all so happy that we drove through the night because then most of the driving was done!! 

It was an amazing trip and not one I will not forget too soon and I got to know the people SO much better and it was such a spiritual enrichment in my life!! 

Well that is all for now!! I hope ya'll have a good week!! God bless!! ~Rose Mary