Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dog Pictures from 2014

The week before I moved I crammed all the time in with my dogs that I could and that included my end of the year pictures with my dogs!! Well I only now got around to editing them now because it has been a busy year so far. Here are a few!! 

Oh I miss them!! But I know my mom is taking amazing care of them!! And I got to see them two weeks ago and spent some time with them, oh that was so good for my heart to hang out with them again!! 

Today we are getting snow!! It started at 8:00 and we have about 5 inches already!!!

~Rose Mary 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Pictures!!

We had Snow over the weekend and I went on a walk and took my camera to take pictures it was such a beautiful day!!

Valentines Banquet Pictures!!

Here are the picture of the valentines banquet and more!!

All the girls with their roses!!

And the guys with their roses!!

Dorothy And I

Shirley and I 

Charlene and I 

Katrina and I 

Emmi and I 

Our say off group!! MaryBeth me and Shirley!!

We took dinner to Lane who works about an hour from Mountain View!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

❤️Valentines Day Weekend!!❤️

This past weekend and this week have been very eventful in my life!! Saturday was a very unique day!! We had 6 people on for housekeeping because we were working on the new girls dorm. We cleaned woodwork and we giggled and talked (in that order πŸ˜ƒ) while we worked ,which makes the work fun and makes it go faster!! Around 10:00 the secretary called down and said I had a phone call on line 1 so I ran up to the dorm and here it was my sister calling to tell me that her and her now fiancΓ© ,Tyler are engaged!! He proposed to her on Valentines day and they were the whole way out in Minnesota. 

Tyler ❤️ Ruth Ann (September 2014)

Of course I was happy for her!! And she also asked me to be her maid of honor!! It will be cool because she will only live 2 hours south of me once they get married so I can take a day trip to go visit her!!

Saturday evening the guys threw us a Valentines party and they did all the decorations and food!! It was quite the unique menu we had grilled chicken, french fries, and chineese chicken
 salad it was all very good!! Then the gave each girl a rose!! It was all just very nice and then we took a bunch of pictures (to come later)!! 

Our dean of women wasn't around this weekend because she went home to have her first date ❤️!! There was literally love in the air all weekend people were having first dates and getting engaged left and right !! 

There were at least 3 staff that weren't able to make it back on Monday night as planned because of snow. One girl got stuck at a motel Tuesday morning because the snow was that bad . One person had to sleep in their car. But we are just so thankful that God kept them safe and they are all back with us safe and sound!!

You can keep our family in your prayers as my dad is struggling with some health problems. He found out on Monday he has what they call Bells Palsy it is where a side of your face is paralyzed and it is hard to talk and eat and his one eye is closed! You can pray for him as it is a huge adjustment. With meds it will hopefully have a full recovery in 9 months!!

Well that was my weekend!! I hope you all have a good week!!
~Rose Mary

Prayer Requests 
•that my dad would have healing and a full recovery 

•Ruth Ann and Tyler's wedding plans would come together ok

•the people who started dating as they find God's will for their dating life

•the staff needs here at Mountain View 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Life's Journey

The path we are called to walk in life is not always easy ,but God didn't say that it would be easy just that he would give the strength we need for the journey. 

Life brings twists and turns we would never imagine that we would have to walk through. Things I never dreamed I would have to work through I have had to deal with ,But God gives grace for every new day and every trial. 

If you think of the work here at Mountain View and us as staff you can pray for us. There are also some major staff needs that you can pray for as well. Thank you to all of you who support and pray for me!!

Happy Valentines Day!! ~Rose Mary

Monday, February 9, 2015

Surprise Visit!!

This weekend was a very different weekend for me! One of my friends that lives about an hour from Mountain View was going up to PA for a short visit this weekend and wondered if I wanted to go along. And since I had off on Sunday to begin with I was able to go with her it was so nice to see my family again and to top it off I surprised them!!

We left Virginia about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and headed up and got home by 8:30 and it was so nice to see my mom and dad and sisters again. And we stayed up to 10:30 just talking about life for the past two months and catching up. Then I crawled into bed and my sister came and plopped down with me and we talked until 2:30 in the morning.

Next morning I went out and help take care of my dogs for the first time in two months it was so good to see them and hug them again and I didn't realize how much I missed them until I saw them again!!!! 

Then we went to church and it was so good to see everybody again and to hear a familiar preacher have a message again. We were one of the last people to leave because we have a lot of people to talk to!! 

It was so good to eat Sunday lunch with a family setting and to eat my moms home cooked food! And then we sat in the living room for about an hour and just talked. And I went out and walked my dogs and just hung out with them for about two hours.

Some of my friends that live nearby heard I was home and came and hung out for the whole afternoon!! One of them was my cousin Irene and my neighbor girl Emily it was so good to see them again!! But then it was time to leave. I said my goodbyes and then my friend and I had a four hour journey home again!! It was such a good trip and I'm so happy that I got to see my family this weekend!!

I hope you all have a blessed week!!
~Rose Mary

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2015

It is now the month of February already and it will soon be two months that I moved ,I can't believe it is that long already!! I am still in housekeeping with a little laundry sprinkled in there πŸ˜ƒ and I enjoy that variety!! I do enjoy the housekeeping and I really enjoy working with my supervisor. 

Last week was really busy we cleaned the floors in the new girls dorm that they are building. We vacuumed and mopped the floors in preparation for the carpet. And then we had a farewell on Saturday and one of the girls from my dorm was leaving and she is going to be getting married in about two months so we wanted to have a bridal shower for her after the farewell and I was asked to be in charge of that. So Saturday Shirley and I finished early and then I cleaned all afternoon and got the party all set up πŸ˜ƒ.

On our day off last week it was four girls off!! That was so much fun we slept in and then went to Ihop for breakfast then we went shopping all afternoon and then we came home and played volleyball the rest of the evening!! 

Tonight we are having a pizza party because the state inspection is over and we didn't get any major violations so we are celebrating!! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the day!!
~Rose Mary