Thursday, January 22, 2015

🌾Beautiful Life!! 🌿

This just shows what gorgeous weather we have been having lately blue sky and 60 degree weather makes a beautiful day to go on a walk and be outside. Which is something I loved before and took for granted and now since I have an inside job I appreciate being outside so much more. 

This week was alot of fun. We had a staff birthday party on Tuesday which was the staff appreciation supper. We had a spaghetti bar which they had noodles and a whole mess of different toppings to put on them, then they had salad and breadsticks. For dessert the had about 7 different cakes and ice cream. All the food was so good. After we ate we played games one was we had to line up by age and month without talking (that was a very humerous game). The other was a relay race to see who could get their bowl of m&ms empty without dropping any on the floor and you held the spoon in your mouth and fed your teamates. All in all it was a very fun evening.

Our day off was on Wednesday and we had great hopes to go hiking but it decided to snow that morning and made everything all wet so those plans were ruined. So we had a guesthouse that wasnt being used so we went up there and drank ices coffee and played scum all afternoon. And we got to know the people we were playing with very well because we each got a chance to talk about our lives before Mountain View. It was an awsome day.

Last Friday night my sister Ruth Ann and cousin MaryRose came to visit me they were here all day Saturday and left Sunday it was so good to have them around and they got to see firsthand of what I do all day!! And we went shopping in the afternoon and then just hung out in the evenig down in the guesthouse. It was so nice to see them again!!

Well I hope you all are staying warm!! And hope ya'll have a good week!! God Bless!! ~Rose Mary

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Week

Greetings from the south 😃!! It is warmer here than at home today we hit a high of 23° which was nippy but not as bad as at home. And it makes me very thankful for an inside job.

This week I am getting trained in for laundry and that is very different than anything I am used to and not somethinng I overly enjoyed at home but here it is on a much bigger scale. I think it may be something I will come to enjoy once I get the hang of what I am doing and I dont feel so new at it anymore.

Before this week we had some really nice weather and it was so much fun to go walking on the dirt road beside the home but since it has been so cold I have been skipping my walk and sleeping instead but I think tomorrow no matter how cold it is outside I NEED my excersice. :)

The new dorm is getting finished pretty quickly and we are hoping we can move into it in the beginning of February. We have a group of workers from Summit View this week to work on it they are doing the railing on the porches and edges. It will looks so nice once they are finished.

Well I hope you all have a blessed week!!
~Rose Mary 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!

Happy New Year everyone!! This is going to be a great year!! No matter what God hands me wether good or bad I know he will be with me every step of the way and will help me get through it ,so I know it is going to be a great year!! 

Tonight us women had a girls party 🎉 and we exchanged gifts. We drew names and I got one of my dormie's names and I gave her a book and candy. And my supervisor Shirley got my name. She gave me a scarf she crocheted and a picture frame and a journal. Those things will be very special!!! 

Hope you all have a good year!!
~Rose Mary