Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This is a bouquet of flowers that one of my friends gave me after my surgery!!!! And I decided to dry the flowers so I took pictures of them first :) I think they came out pretty good!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The beautiful flowers my wonderful friend brought they are so pretty and I am enjoying them so much!!!

My week!!

Life has been keeping me busy here of late. I only have about a month and half of work anymore and there is a lot to be done before I am prepared to leave. I have a litter of puppies right now and so that makes my life a little more busy ,but I wouldn't trade them for anything they are the cutest things ever. I have 8 puppies right now and have 6 sold and 2 males to go.

My dad got some one to help him take tractors apart. It is a very nice set up because he takes them to his house two at a time and then when he his done he brings all the parts back and we put them away then we load two more up and he takes them to his house. It takes him about a week to do two right now but as he gets better at it I think it will go faster for him.

Ruth Ann's dog Lucy went into heat about 10 days ago so we took her to the breeder on Friday last week and hopefully she gets bred this time. The people that had her before tried to breed her once or twice and never were successful so hopefully this time we can get her.

On Wednesday one of the ladies I sold a puppy to two years ago brought the puppy back for me to babysit for a couple days. I love when people bring their puppies back for me to see. She is such a beautiful puppy. She has her long beautiful hair and lots of feathers on her legs. She is a replica of her mother she is very dark colored.

Well I hope ya'll have a good week!!! I am recovering from surgery right now. I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out on Monday via oral surgery. So now the next couple of days I have off but not because I want to. Thank you to all my friends for the encouragement and also to my friend Emily for the flowers :).
~Rose Mary