Friday, July 25, 2014

My Story

There is one simple and main purpose all of us were brought into this world and that was to bring honor and glory to God and he has called us to go into the uttermost parts of the world and spread the word of God to all people in the world. To some of us that means being right where we are planted and witness to the people around us ,to other people it means going away from home (no matter how far away) and taking God's word into other places of the world.

This has been on my mind a lot lately probably because I am moving away from home to go into mission work ,but not only that but because it has been paining my heart to see the Christian youth of today walk away from everything they have ever known and been taught since they were young and go the opposite direction saying that God was telling them to walk away from their faith. Oh if only they would know the sadness and regret that will fill them when they stand in front of the Lord and he says "I never knew you" they may not care now , but I guarantee they will care when Judgment day comes.

I think this subject is so important to me because I haven't always been the Christian I should have been and have done some things in my youth (even though I am still youth) that I regret very much but then I came to the realization one day ( a couple years ago) that if I had died that day I would not have gone to the wonderful eternal home I had been anticipating going to. That is the day I gave my life over to Christ totally and completely and told him "God this is no longer my life it is yours you can do as you please with it and me" And that is total surrender and when that happens God will move. It didn't happen instantly but I grew closer to God and as that happened I felt called to "go" and serve God elsewhere and I had the distinct feeling I was no longer where God wanted me.

Of course the process was much slower than that :) I had no idea where God wanted me to go ,but I figured in his good time he would show me and he has, it was amazing and funny to watch how God pushed me in the direction he wanted me to go!! I can honestly say I feel I am at the place as far as where I am (location wise) is where God wants me. It was by no means an easy road and now that I can finally see the end of all the very hard decisions as far as preparing my heart and mind to leave home and telling my dad are over I can honestly say I am now sitting back and enjoying the ride and watching God work.

Well that is maybe more than you wanted to know ,but I felt led to share my heart. Hopefully it has encouraged or inspired someone!! All Glory goes to God!!!
~Rose Mary

Sunday, July 20, 2014

God is Good All the Time!!

Ahhhh my heart is full right now. It makes me so happy to see Ruth Ann happy about dating, that girl smiles all the time. The only downside she thinks that since she is dating she wants everyone around her to be as happy as she is :) her comment the other day proved that to me. She said "I am going to pray really hard that you meet the man God has for you and he sweeps you off your feet" I just smiled and nodded. I think it is so funny how dating couples want everyone around them to be dating as well :)

Well this week has been a very exciting and profitable week. I got my acceptance letter from Mountain View and John called me as well and told me that he is sending my letter off but he wanted to personally tell me that I was accepted and wondered if I had any questions. I will probably be moving Lord willing in mid November. He is hoping it doesn't go into December but he can't tell this far ahead when all the people are going to be leaving. It is going to be really exciting because the month after I come they will probably be moving into the new girls dorm that they are in the process of building. So that is definitely something to look forward to!!

The due date for the puppies is coming up here very rapidly and I am starting to get momma and the kennel ready for delivery. She is starting to slow down but her eating is still very good so we are still on schedule. Tomorrow it is 3 weeks exactly to her due date so we shall see if she goes early or late this time!! I will let ya'll know when they are born. But if you know of anyone who want a golden puppy send them my way :).

I went out to breakfast with a friend from school on Saturday and it was so nice to catch up again and see how she was doing. She is going to be moving to Bradford County to teach school for this coming school term. So that was something her and I could relate to because we will both be away from our families for a long period of time!!! But it is an exciting adventure and I believe we will both learn a lot from our time away and hopefully grow spiritually.

Well I hope you all have a good week and hopefully have a smile on your face!! I know this saying is so cliché but SMILE GOD LOVES YOU!!!
~Rose Mary

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's all in Perspective!!

Life brings many surprises and changes some of them good and some of them we appreciate, but then there are other we really hate to go through but out on the other side we see that the circumstances in life has made us better people in the long run!! And this is really awesome to see especially if we take the time to notice that God has been working in our lives to better us. Our family has been experiencing some of these huge changes in our lives! My older sister started dating on July 4th and that was a really happy and good change ,but still it is a change and something we have to get used to.

And I am planning Lord willing to move down to Virginia for a term of service. I am planning to go for a year ,but it will probably turn out to be a year and a half. I am planning on leaving in November. I don't know what dad is planning  on doing as far as the business for right now he and mom are going to be keeping it afloat by themselves ,but I think come summer he will need to hire someone. I am not positive what I am going to be doing , but as it sounded I am going to be in the kitchen and those of you that know me well will smile because you know I am NOT a good cook and I burn things a lot :) but I think with time it will come easier.

So those are some of the changes that have been going on around here. I have been staying very busy since we got back from vacation. I already have the puppies advertised and now have 2 people on the waiting list :) which is very nice. This litter is really special to me because it may be my last one forever I kind of doubt it because I love puppies but I never know what may come up in the year that I am gone. Ruth Ann is planning to breed her dog Lucy next month and I am really happy about that because then I will be able to see them before I leave.

It was really funny I was on the phone with one of my dog contact people (who actually happens to own Duke's dad) and I had talked to her numerous times before and well this time we actually got into a deep conversation and when I told her I owned one of her dog's children she was like ok so we probably saw him when I was at your house and I was like oh you know me and she said oh yes I have known you since you were a baby. Here her and her husband used to go to our church. (talk about funny).

Well it is pouring down rain here this evening so I am going to go listen to it rain :) Until Next time.
~Rose Mary

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Family Vacation 2014

Our family went on a family vacation this past week the funny thing is we didn't even know where we were going until we left Monday morning so we went out for breakfast to make the final decision about where we wanted to go and to fill our tummies. We then decided to go up to Bradford County and spend some time up there with some old friends of mom and dad. Mom and dad lived up there about 18 yrs ago and they hadn't seen anyone from there since. They lived up there for three years to help start the church up there and then moved back down again before I was born. Anyways so we hung out at their place which was really fun because I remember them very vaguely but I remembered their house and the beautiful view of the place and the woods. The house my parents used to live in is directly across from their house and this is pretty much what you will see up there.
yup trees and they are gorgeous!!! So after we left their house we went back to our motel and decided what we wanted to do the next day, so since this trip was totally unplanned we could plan anything we wanted.
The next morning we slept in until 10:00 then we went to this local family restaurant and they served fish. Well our family loves fish so that's what we ordered. Everyone ordered the baked Haddock and I ordered the grilled haddock because I am not one for much breaded things. Oh we waited awhile for it but oh it was so good beats the fish we get around this area. After breakfast we headed up to New York and we were on our way to Watkins Glenn but on the way there dad saw this Cub Cadet dealership that he wanted to stop at so we stopped and he bought a Cub Cadet so we unloaded all our suitcases and loaded the Cub up. We drove the rest of the way up to Corning New York which is about a half hour from Watkins Glenn and we checked into a motel and ate supper and planned the next day.
We got up around 9:00 and ate breakfast at the motel then we headed out to Watkins Glenn it is this beautiful park that has some very gorgeous waterfalls and hiking trails. We had been there before but we decided to go again because we were close and we had enjoyed it so much the last time.
This is a picture of one of the waterfalls and it was worth the 20 min. it took for us to take this picture. We wanted it without any people on it so we just waited until there were no people. This picture I took with my phone which I thought it got pretty good. We only hiked half of the trail because we got tired. And we weren't even going that fast because we kept taking pictures of the falls and ourselves :) but we had good reasons Ruth Ann was taking pictures of me for my prayer card and I took a picture of her for her boyfriend. :)

After we left Watkins Glenn we went over to the boating place across the street and we got on the boat ride!! It is a very beautiful boat ride and we went past US Salt which I think he said is one of the biggest salt plants in the US and there is enough salt in  the hole they dig from to feed the world for the next 600 years WOW that's a lot of salt. The boat ride was for an hour and once we got off we went in the gift shop but didn't really find anything then we went to find a place to eat and found this really cute sandwich/ice cream shop and we ate there. After dinner Ruth Ann and I decided to go shopping in the little village right across from the park we found this really cute gift shop so we bought some birthday presents for some people :) then we headed back to the motel and we took naps :) hey it's vacation!!!!!!!!! After the slept a bit we decided to go into Corning and see what we could see. Definitely could tell we weren't in Lancaster County because the shops weren't all that great nor were they that organized.
On Thursday we headed down to Williamsport and we found this place that had a paddle boat and we decided to do that but we were disappointed because it was run off two engines instead of the paddle in the back. So much for false advertising :).
After we were done with that we decided to find a motel and got one right in the city so again Ruth Ann and I decided to go see what the city had to offer as far as shops this town was a lot better as far as that they had a really cute bookstore and another shop that had some really awesome gist I found this plaque made by Willow Tree of a girl hugging a puppy so I decided to get that :) then we decided we had shopped long enough so we went back to our motel. Everyone was hungry se we went into the food section of town to find something to eat and we found an Olive Garden and we ate there it had been awhile since we ate at one and guess what they didn't even have our favorite thing on the menu (our customers will laugh at this because there is a funny story behind why I said that) :) anyways so we found something else that we liked and it turned out to be really good!! I love their salad and breadsticks probably the best. After supper Rachel and I went swimming then we had frozen yogurt for snack :)!!!!
On Friday we were going to go on a train ride that dad had went on awhile ago well it must have been a long time ago cause we found out they scrapped the train in 1997 :) so no train ride for us. We were meeting one of our good friends for dinner at the place we always meet them at and that was Wendy's. So we were there for about two hours and then we headed for home and we were going to stop in Hershey to find a motel but no one had an opening so we decided to drive the whole way home and find a campground and go camping. So there is this campground about 3 miles from our house so we packed up the tent and air beds and went up there while mom and Ruth Ann set up the tent I stayed home and cleaned the dog pen and spent some good quality time with my dogs. It was so refreshing to do something by myself away from the family. That evening we went to Kountry Korner  a vey good family restaurant near us and on the way to the campground for supper. When we got there we started a fire and roasted some marshmallows for s'mores!!
Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at the Evergreen Diner and then we went to the store to buy food for Sunday and the rest of that day. When we got back it was really hot so we all except for mom decided to go swimming that was so much fun because I dumped Ruth Ann in the pool twice :) After we went swimming we were hungry so we roasted some hotdogs then dad went home to sleep and the rest of us slept there I slept good until it started to downpour and it dripped on my nose a couple of times :) so we had to go home and take care of the animals anyhow so we went home took care of the animals and then a customer came with a tractor and we unloaded him then we went and ate supper then headed back to the campground and sat around the campfire until it was time to go to bed!!!
AHHHH such a relaxing week! But there is no place like home.
Until next time ~Rose Mary

Saturday, July 5, 2014

AKC Golden Retriever Puppies to be born August 11,2014

AKC registered purebred Golden Retriever Puppies for sale Give me a call if you are interested in putting your name on the list for when they are born * Call for more details*!!! Their daddy Duke is Hip Certified with OFA!!!

Each puppy comes with an AKC registration paper, Health certificate from our vet, vaccination and worming schedule ,and a small bag of puppy food.

Our puppies are well socialized and raised with lots of love and care.

If you have a loving home please email or call us at 717-271-4563
Contact Person: Rose Mary Weaver

**first three pictures are of previous puppies and the 4th picture is of the mother Matilda and the 5th picture is of the dad Duke**