Friday, June 6, 2014

Chorus Tour 2014!!!

Hello all,
This week our chorus is on tour!! We have been traveling down south so far we have been in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and now we are headed to Tennessee!! I love giving programs because it is a blessing to both the audience and us as a chorus. 

Being on the bus is alot of fun as well because we have so many people around us who we know and so many conversations going around us!! There have been a few interesting things that have happened so far and one of them was the one church we went to had a reputation that when they had choruses come people would faint so Wes (our director) told us this and everyone was then really nervous :) so he was explaining something he wanted to change in one of the songs and he then asked if we heard and one of the guys was like "no we are too busy fainting up here":)

The one place we went to was in the state of Mississippi and the one home that somoene from the chorus stayed at had, had a tornado about a year ago and it had taken all their buildings and alot of their belongings ,but now a year later they have rebuilt and are up and running again!!

We did a total of 8 programs and I believe they all went well. We didnt have as many people that were sick this year as we did last year but the one girl got a temperature of 103 degrees on Saturday and she felt horrible and on Monday when she got home she went to the doc and he said she has Pneumonia. The only pther person who got sick was me. I got a migrane on Wednesday and fortunatly was gone by Thursday evening!!

Well that was my week and it went great!!
~Rose Mary