Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crazy Couple Weeks

Wow May is almost over this summer is going to be gone before I am even near ready for it to be. The past two weeks have been crazy busy. As some of you know I have been getting ready to move away to VA and I sent my last application in about a week ago, so I am waiting to hear from them now.

A week ago a senior class from Terre Hill were down in Grenada and one of their fellow classmates drowned. That has hit the senior classes really hard especially the one down there because they had a classmate that stayed home because he had doctors orders to stay home because he is in the last stages of bone cancer. If you think of them pray for them as the funeral is today.

Yesterday was a difficult day for me because Duke was at the vet all day having "surgery" getting his hip certified and when I went to pick him up he was very loopy he looked very worn out and tired. And while I was there I gave them the paperwork of one of the puppies that is coming back just to make sure that what the people say is wrong with it that ,that is for sure the problem.

And I also sold my goats yesterday which was very hard for me because I had raised them since they were three months old. I miss them already their little bleeting sounds and soft noses. But God has a reason for everything even though we don't understand it and I wouldn't give up the fun and experience I got from having them.

Well hope you all have a blessed day and don't get wet :)!!
~Rose Mary

Monday, May 5, 2014

FOR SALE (read description)

These two beauties are up for sale and the only reason they are is because I am going into the mission
field and am unable to keep them. Thumper (the male) (he is castrated) is very laid back and such a sweetheart and I love him to bits! Flower (the female) would be known as "Quiet-till-known" she can be a little jumpy at first but is such a sweetheart once she knows you!

I have had them since they are three months old and they are half siblings and have been together since birth so they will stay together I will NOT sell them separately. I am asking $300 OBO. Call me only if you are truly interested in the goats. Thanks (717) 271-4563