Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Chapter in Life!!

There comes a point in time when you may feel like you are just standing there going no where. Well ever since the beginning of last year I had the distinct feeling I wasn't where God wanted me. So I started praying an thinking about what I was feeling.

I had always wanted to go to college get a degree in certified dog training and go into that field ,but I never really felt peace about that decision. And one evening last summer I told God "Here is my life use it in whatever way you see fit" and when you totally surrender your life to God he will move. I felt very strongly I was being called into the mission field and I wanted to respond to that call I just didn't know where and I was very much dreading telling my dad because I work for him and I wasn't sure how he was going to take my leaving.

Last Monday I told him and he took it amazingly well he has been amazing and supportive! I sent my application off on Monday to Mountain View in Virginia if that's where God wants me it will work out!! So that is what has been going on in My life!!
Rose Mary

Monday, April 7, 2014


Today it is raining and cold here so we are doing office work today :) I will be thankful when it is sunny and warm because then I can tie my goats out. Thumper isn't feeling 100% right now so I am going to the hardware store later to buy some meds for him!! Flower isn't too sure what to do with herself since her brother isn't that active right now and she walks around looking like a lost puppy.

The business here is picking up quite dramatically and it will get even busier in the next couple of weeks because since it is raining and the grass is turning green people are going to start mowing and breaking things which is good for our business.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goats 2014

I tied the goats out tonight and Thumper loved it ,but Flower on the other hand hated being 3 feet away from her brother where she couldn't reach him and she made quite the racket but Thumper kept right on eating and didn't seem to mind that they weren't right next to one another!! They were both very good on the rope even though this was the first time they were ever tied out!! Very beautiful evening to tie them out.

Tonight I also walked both my dogs which is quite unusual for me but it was so gorgeous out and I also had an ulterior motive I have doctors orders to walk 30min a day so I have tried to take my dogs along when I go because it is so good for them too and they love having the exercise!!
~Rose Mary