Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Jan. and Feb.

Wow where to begin. It has been a very eventful year already. In January we were having some extreme temperatures here down in the negatives at night which kept it challenging to keep the puppies warm all the time. I sold 6 puppies in the matter of 2 weeks which was really nice. And then in the middle of January we took them to the vet and they all had clean bills of health. The last week in January was VERY busy here my mom wasn't here because she was in Alabama in a prison ministry ,so Ruth Ann and I were in charge of the house besides our regular jobs. I took care of most of the cooking and some laundry while Ruth Ann did the cleaning and some laundry and she also helped me with the dogs because I can't carry water buckets right now. And we also had puppies leaving all throughout the week so it kept me moving and needless to say we were both very worn out until the end of the week.

Chorus started about three weeks ago and Ruth Ann isn't joining this year so it's just me. I am enjoying it immensely there are a lot of new people this year so it is fun getting to know all of them. And our songs are a lot of fun as well. Our dress color is amazing too it is a beautiful shade of blue!!!

Well on a less happy note about two weeks ago I lost feeling in two of my fingers and I didn't think much of it but then one day I was working with Duke and I must have gotten a rope burn and never noticed it until two hours later I looked down and my hand was all red and I was like "oh I have rope burn" and then I knew I needed to do something about it. I went to the chiropractor and he scolded me for not coming to him earlier he adjusted me and worked on my neck and hands and I had feeling for about a day then it decided to leave me again. The next week he gave me exercises to do and a neck brace to wear and he told me to work on my posture because I have a blockage in my shoulder that isn't allowing the nerves and blood down to my hand. After I left I had all feeling ,but the next day I was in a great deal of pain so I made a massage appointment. So on Friday I got a massage and that felt so good. And ever since then I have had all feeling back again. I love having FEELING!!!!!!!! You never realize how important something is until it's gone.

Well that is all for now!!! ~Rose Mary