Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My week. Not very busy.

This week has been a good week! We did alot of packing boxes walking females back and forth and cold weather. I thought spring was here but it doesnt seem that it is going to show up anytime soon :). The dogs are happy and healthy I dewormed them again ,but next time I deworm them again I am going to use a different brand one that is supposed to kill all the worms at one time it is called Drontal plus!

Today we bought some linoleum for the dog pen because my darling dog Matilda ripped up the other linoleum and I have wanted to replace it since. Today at an auction dad and I went to they had some forbo flooring http://www.greengoodsproducts.com/products/2634/forbo-marmoleum/marmoleum-vivace/granada/ I am so excited to put it in now!!!

I bought a book called canine reproduction it is very good read for anyone who wants to breed or have stud service or have questions where your puppy came from.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dogs and Life.

Life has been full of surprises here of late but good ones, exciting ones :) now I have you curious don't I?? Well ok I will tell you :) I am most likely going to college in a year if I can scrape enough of money together from my earnings. I will be going to Triple Crown dog academy in Texas! It looks very exciting ,but will take alot of consentration and dedication. Here is the link to the school Leave me a comment as to what you think of it! http://www.triplecrowndogs.com/ I got the packet the other day of all the classes I will be taking and it is alot of the stuff I have wanted to train my dogs but I am more of a visual person and it is some things I can't read and understand how to do. Such as Agility, police K9, search and rescue, scent detection, and basic obedience.

We are having visiting females right now because alot of people are wanting thier dogs bred I have one here now and tomorrow another is coming it's exciting and streesful at the same time because I love having other dogs around to play with but I am always scared they will either escape/get hurt or worse die. But I gave it all to God and I feel total peace about it.

Matilda has been going nuts because she hasn't been getting much attention lately because all my time is dedicated to making shure that everything is going smoothly with the breeding. She is doing awsome in training and the pictures that I had posted earlier she sat there all by herself I told her to sit and stay I even took her leash off for some of the pictures. She did awsome and I got some really good pictures.

Duke is loving the extra attention because people are coming to see him to see if they want to use him for thier dogs and he loves being petted and played with he is so funny. He does get out every day for walks though because he has LOTS of energy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Photoshoot!!

 She sat so nicely for me all by herself I didn't have to hold her! We have been working on this for awhile now to sit ans stay and she did awsome for the first time photoshoot!!!

Princess was not impressed as you can tell :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 months and 7 days

WOW it is March already =) as I think you all know! This month has started out cold and windy and dashed all our hopes that spring was just around the corner ,but that also means since March is here April is on the way and that means FLOWERS!!!!!!! That also means our busy season wich I will be very happy to be busy again! It has been rather slow around here.

The dogs are doing excellent they have been getting alot of attention lately since we haven't been busy out in the shop I have more time to spend with them wich is very nice! Duke is going to be busy in a couple of months i have been getting phone calls and once warm weather hits he is going to be busy.

Today we went to Olive Garden for my birthday and after we ate we went to Tractor Supply to buy a dog kennel and Ruth Ann saw they had chicks and she wanted to buy two and dad got wind of this and we ended up coming home with 24 LOL now we are going to have a whole new run  of chickens and if anyone wants our old chickens for meat we are going to be getting rid of them once these lay eggs.

Thank you all for the b-day wishes that you all gave me it made my day extra special!!


I stumbled across this blog post on a blog I occasionally read and I really liked what she had to say and I couldn't have said it better! From: http://katsmoker.blogspot.com/

Some years back, someone told me that to become a better and more creative singer I should stop listening to Christian music and start listening to secular rock music -because that's where the talent and creativity lies. Not the kind of advice I needed at that time in my life.

Like an idiot, I did it. I started listening to some old Rock songs that I loved back in the day, along with some current stuff too. I really hesitated and had internal battles about this, but told myself I was just being too sensetive. After all, a lot of my friends listened to it all the time, and it didn't seem to affect them. But, to make a long story short, I quickly turned into a different person. I will spare you all the details, but let's just say I found out how much music affects people. Dramatically! I still can't believe I fell for the biggest line of hogwash I'd heard in my life: that filling my mind with twisted lyrics sung to human and sub-human music combined would actually make me a better singer somehow. Oh the stupidity.

Thankfully, I'd had my share of experience in the dark spiritual realm prior to that, and could see over time what I was dealing with. Rock music is a dark and demonic music, most of it performed and recorded by people entrenched in satanic occultic activity. After not listening to the stuff for like 15 years it felt strange to dig up old bones and start listening to it again. I was startled when I began experiencing strong oppression. Things I normally dealt with only occasionally became daily struggles. Depression rarely hit me hard before, but was now a frequent visitor. I felt myself being drawn to the dark world. Along with that drawing or pulling, came recurring thoughts of dying. I constantly had strong feelings that I should die or "needed to" die. I felt like a different person and was experiencing extreme highs and lows, sporadic and frequent headaches, some of them lasting as long as two weeks, and was also experiencing slight personality disorders. Benji didn't know if he should "be there" for me through the insanity or run from me. Thankfully he chose to be my rock during that time and helped me fight and win the battle with extreme powers of darkness. I experienced God through it all like never before. I know the power of Jesus' name in a much more personal and powerful way than ever before. I firmly believe and know that God and Satan are very real. I also know without a doubt whose side I want to be on.

I realize that not everyone experiences the extreme reactions to degrading music like I did. At least, not obviously or on the surface. Why these things happened to me I don't know. But now that I can merely look back and chalk it up as a really bad experience that brought out the absolute worst in me for a just a short period of time, I have to say I'm glad it happened. It left a lasting impression on me of what music can do to a person. Because of my experience with it, I know I will spend the rest of my life talking to people and educating anyone who will listen, on the power of music.

Satan is a fallen angel. He was once one of God's most beautiful and influential angels, and was IN CHARGE OF THE MUSIC REALM, before he fell because of pride and competition with God. It is no coincidence that ever since he was thrown out of the heavenlies, he has been radically trying to regain his position of power through music.

I urge you to take a good hard look at what and who you are listening to. The truth becomes so obvious if you just do the tiniest bit of research. I recently read an ex-witch's story (she is now a born-again Christian) where she wrote the chilling details of the many, many Rock stars who invited her to their recording sessions. She was invited to these recording sessions to call up demons and ask them to bring "power" into the music and to play an important role in the music being recorded. This woman was also invited to countless ceremonies, where well-known artists,who are on the charts and the radio today, would sell their souls to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. While she stood in as a witness and looked on, these artists signed actual forms, written agreements with the devil, in their own blood.

People don't realize what they are opening themselves up to just by listening to the "popular" music offered in the mainstream today. Most of the secular music that people are eating up like candy and filling their minds with, is full of witchcraft and occultism; and will literally rot your soul and trouble your mind. Life is hard enough as it is. Why make it more difficult? Don't bog your spirit down with senseless, meaningless stuff that was deliberately meant to destroy you.

To say that I'm disturbed about this subject is an understatement. I'm not convinced or humored when people laughingly say bad music doesn't affect them, and claim they are not "taking in" anything when they listen to it. These days we want to make light of everything. We want to believe everything is okay and is nothing is really that harmful. I don't believe it. I belive the music we listen to and the movies we watch is devestating to Christians and non-Christians alike, and far more than we realize. Look at the staggering number of people who are on depression meds and sitting in phsyciatric wards. Even more disturbing is the swiftly growing numbers of confused individuals who are convincing themselves that God isn't real because they can't "connect" with Him. Strange how they can't connect with the One who created them, but somehow they have the complete capability of connecting with their "charma" and "inner selves" and all kinds of other unseen forces. I wonder why.

Actually I don't wonder why. It's pretty obvious, really. There is a definite block to the flow between mankind and God. I believe we've been taken, deceived and manipulated far more than we care to admit. It's time we take back the ground that's been stolen. I believe the music in today's world is just one of many ways people are unassumingly being robbed of the good life; the really good and productive, fulfilling and satisfying life. I mean let's get real. You can't open up your mind to the powers of darkness over and over again and not get caught up in its fierce and unrelenting current. It's hard to see the light when you choose to surround yourself with darkness. It's hard to focus on truth when you're filling your head with lies. It's hard to have the mind of Christ when you constantly lend your thoughts and meditations to the devil. It's hard to maintain a spirit that is joyful, discerning and alive when you're feeding it death.

The last super-bowl half-time show got an awful lot of attention. Christians were disturbed and the heathens were enamored. I was made aware of the video (below) very recently, and this video brought to light what I knew all along to be true. I only needed to watch the first several seconds of the half-time show to know that it was just wrong. Very wrong. Like all wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it but I just knew I couldn't allow that into my home or engage in any of it.

I'm glad someone took the time to put this video together and clarify just exactly what was happening on stage that night, and what is happening in the majority of our secular music today. The video has some actual short clips of the half-time footage so the person speaking can explain exactly what was taking place. Some of it is graphic, but it is acurate, informitive and straight to the point. Some people may be appalled by its content, but I feel we need to see the real deal and hear it explained as is here to really get it sometimes. It's time we wake up and learn for ourselves so we can teach our kids and our peers right from wrong; and protect them from the greedy clutches of evil that can do a lifetime of damage if not stopped in its tracks.

We may be in this world but don't need to be of this world. In the last days it will take discernemet and wisdom, and complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, to gain understanding and true victory in Christ Jesus.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in this case. I'm hoping that if we know what is in the secular music out there, we'll decide not to download that song, or we'll make the decision to turn the dial to another station. Or maybe not. But at least in knowing the facts, we can now make fair decisions - that aren't fuzzied and blurred by ignorance. So please... click on the link (below), watch this video and learn.