Monday, February 18, 2013

Chorus and such

Well Thursday and Friday were nice warm days, but the cold is upon us again. I actually enjoy the cold for the most part except when it is windy.

Today I started my spring cleaning out in the dog barn. I scrubbed the walls and floor down in Matilda's pen, but I swept all the pens out. The project for this summer will hopefully be to put wood sealer on all the walls and floors so it will be easier to clean :)

I have chorus practice tonight. I really enjoy it I love getting out of the house for a couple of hours and being around wonderful people my age and talking and singing together!! We will start programs sometime in April I believe and we will be going to Canada for our chorus tour!! I just need to get my passport.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

American Girl

American girl doll. I love them always have wanted one and now I finally own one! I know I am old for it but I went up in the attic to find my 18 inch doll that I bought at a craft store but her leg was broken off so I decided instead of buying another copy doll I was going to buy an authentic American Girl Doll. :)
She is from the Great Depression era. Here id the description from  
Kit's inspiring stories come alive in this special collection. The Kit doll is 18" tall, with brilliant blue eyes that open and close, and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She has a neat blond bob that can be brushed and styled, and she arrives in an authentic 1930s outfit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello there everyone! Hope life is going  good for everyone.

This week is going good so far this week we are doing alot of shipping for ebay. We don't work outside much in the winter so we ship. Today we worked outside for the first time in awhile because we had an order for a tranny out of a tractor and we didn't have one out. It was nice and warm today but that isn't going to last long it sounds like.

I have been working with my dogs alot more lately because I have decided to brave the cold and have fun with them anyways. Matilda has been her usual energetic self. I tied her out today for awhile because I wanted to work with her later and I like to tie her out before I work with her to get her energy out. She did very good!!

Duke is his normal "slobber cakes" self. He is very funny and energetic and love fetching his ball.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 2013

WOW february already can't believe where the years go and now I am starting to understand they barely begin before they end.

We survived last week while mom was gone :) She went down to Alabama for a prison ministry with WeCare program. She really enjoyed herself and seemed refreshed! It was good for her (and us) for her to get away and be with other women and talk with them and in general be away from her family for a week.

It was good for us as well because we learned we can get along without her and how much she actually does and how much we really rely on her and take her for granted. We really depend on her more than we thought and I think we appreciate her more now though. We all missed her.

I bought some cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree to start my spring cleaning in the dog barn. I am going to wait until it gets warm but I started with a little thing today. I cleaned the shelf off in the dog barn and am going to buy a plastic drawer that you can buy in Walmart and hopefully it will keep the mice out and thier droppings don't appear on my shampoos and pill bottles and such. They also have a habit of chewing through my leashes.

The dogs are all doing wonderfully I haven't been working with them as much as I would like because of it being so cold here of late. i do still try to make it a priority to take them on walks every day though.

I have been having problems with migranes again. They are very annoying because they don't go on my timeclock when I have time to have them (I would never make a slot for them on my timeclock if that was the case) the come at the most inopertune times. oh well there is a reason for everything. I went to the doctor on Monday because I wanted them to prescribe some meds for my head. They did and they seem to help!!

Well thats all for now!