Monday, January 14, 2013

Key #3

Key #3 Praise, Matilda LOVES praise! I use the good old fashioned search and rescue method. praise. no treats.

I noticed if I don't praise my dogs I don't get as good results, as you would if you act like they walked on the moon! It is so funny she gets so excited if she made me happy (the Golden Retriever coming out in her)!

Key #2

Big key #2 is work time! With Matilda I worked with her whenever I felt like it and I wasn't getting anywhere well now every evening we have a little work session go on a walk to break things up a little then we come back we have another session.

Peopl may think this sounds odd or wierd but my work session is. I make her sit and stay and back slowly away from her till I am a good distance away, I let her sit for a bit , then call her! At first since obeying is the issue I am working on I figured she wouldn't come directly to me, but she does!!

Yesterday I did something new. The chickens were there I had her sit and stay I backed away and just stood there! She stayed and wagged her tail she looked around but stayed! And when I called I hoped she wouldn't dive for the chickens and she didn't ,she came directly to me! I praised her!!

Key #1

Well I have decided to do a little series on my take on dog training I know there  are millions of books out there (many of which are no help at all) but there are few ( if you call 2 shelves few) that I own that are a great help!
But enough said I am going to write about my take on things! I believe it is ok to give a dog correction on the behind because they are like a child if you don't correct they will run over you.

Well I know alot of people say this but consistency is the biggest key. Once I got that into my head that I need to work on one thing at a time and be very consistent with it, then things went excellent!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well I am now officialy an ebay seller! And I sold some books that needed to be sold! Cause dad said if we are going to move everyone has to get rid of stuff so I am slowly but shurely getting rid of alot of my earthly possesions! (not my dogs though)

It has been cold here so we have been inside mostly this week and dad has been going hog wild over selling things on ebay so we are kept busy with that which we are very thankful people buy our stuff because what we sell on ebay is our overstock so during the winter months when we aren't busy with customers we are busy with ebay. And during summer we don't do ebay so our stuff piles up because we strip tractors all the time in summer.

I started early on my spring cleaning which was a mistake cause as soon as I get it clean it gets muddy again :) so I think the cleaning is going to wait till it's actually spring :)

The dogs are doing great! And training is going well! Matilda is so funny she has these days when she is a calm wonderful obedient dog and gullable me is like oh this will hopefully stick around but it never does. I am trying to get back into the habit of going on a walk every day again now that I am feeling well.

Duke is doing awsome as usual and hopefully quit growing  :) He is now 8 months and HUGE :) I need to weigh him again but I am shure he weighs 70 lbs. He is doing excellent with training and does awsome with posing for pictures (except when matilda is there) *more on that later* I can tell him to sit and then stay and back up and snap pictures for as long as I want and he will sit there "lalalalalalala ok is she done yet?" :) he is so funny.

I wanted to take some updated pictures of Duke, Matilda ,and I  and it was quite the doing anyways :) since they are different genders Matilda could've cared less and just sat there like "this guy is NUTS" and Duke was trying to get all over her. But we eventually (after Ruth Ann having to make a complete fool of herself to get them to look) we got some good pictures!!!

Well thats all for now!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smile the dog is lookin at ya!

My beautiful dogs!!! A new year always makes me think back on the past year and how good it was last year had its trials but it also had its smiles! I got to own a wonderful dog Duke and Matilda has really (and me too) learned alot!! So happy for my dogs!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year!

Well I know this is a tad late :) but Happy New Year to everyone and I hope God richly blesses you this year!

I look back over this past year it was a year worth remembering with dad being in th hospital twice. Ruth Ann getting two jobs. Rachel going to school this next school term. My being in the emergency room. I had alot of good memories too I started going with the youth group! We had two litters of puppies! And I got my license!!! But you know I wouldn't relive it for anything.

I am so glad God doesn't let us see our future I think all of us would kill ourselves because we would be afraid to live life because we knew what would be up ahead. I had to think of all the dear children killed at Sandy Hook School and how they didn't know that morning walking out of the door from thier houses that it would be the last time seeing thier mom, dad sisters, brothers, anything ,nd if they knew they wouldn't have went to school. But then God's plan wouldn't have been fullfilled yes, I know it was a horrible event ,but I also believe it was all in God's plan. I don't know how or why but I believe some good may have come out of it.

Anyways hope everyone has a good year!