Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall yeah I know its over :)

These pictures I took awhile ago but I like them!!!!

Life, yup we all gotta live it, But it's not too bad.

Life is good! But if you do know of somoene who needs a puppy I have three still available and would be delighted to sell them!

Yesterday my mom's family had thier Christmas dinner ,mmmmmmm I love this time of year I get to hang out with my dear cousins and get to eat =) and take LOTS of pictures (the guys get annoyed at us). It is also nice because we get to meet all the fiances and the new babies. It was different too with the aunts and uncles not there that normally would be and my aunt Barb that has cancer can't talk wich can be very frustrating at  times when she is trying to tell us something. It was good day regardless!

The puppies are in thier cute stage =) and lots of fun. I am afraid Rachel is going to have a hard time letting this litter go she is getting so attatched. one thing I keep telling you know we have to get rid of all of them yes I know it wont be hard she says. One thing you learn when you have puppies dont get attatched :).

Duke is growing like a weed hopefully he quits soon or he is going to eat us out of house and home :). No but he is handsome and gentle. unless he gets super excited and decides to jump on you!

Matilda is her normal bouncy self. except when she is in heat she is fun because she is as calm as can be :). But then she doesn't feel like doing anything so I leave her be.