Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland

                                        He was so cute in the snow =)
                                   She lookes so dark in snow =)
                                                     So adorable
      She was NOT happy we made her sit in the snow and pose for a pic.
                                             My Christmas card!
                                              (not getting printed)

a tad bit (not much) about my life

Life has been interesting around here! with the holidays upon us we are not selling many tractor parts , and I am surprised how slow the puppies are selling due to the fact that they will be ready to go the week before christmas! Oh well life will go on! I think it is the economy and which presidential candidate got in that is affecting puppy sales!

And if you think of me pray for me on sunday I am teaching the youth class for the first time!

5 weeks

Puppies are now 5 weeks old and will be going to thier new homes in 18 days!!! If you still want one there is 2 left!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


WELCOME A NEW GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we decided to keep the female in this last litter! she is a sweet girl but you won't be able to get puppies from her for 2 years!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My week

Well alot has been happening around here lately. This past weekend was very hectic between revivals last week, dad going to the hospital Friday night, and my grandpa Zook passing away we were all very stressed.

Friday Night: After we came home from Revivals it was about 10:00 and I was still awake so mom came into my room asked me where dad's wallet was and I asked why and she said that dad was having chest pains and was going to the hopsital. Aound 2:00 she texted me and said that dad was going into surgery on Saturday because he had a gallblader attack.

We had a very busy day on Saturday planned and I had quit a few puppy customers coming and dad had alot of tractor customers coming as well and I knew it was going to be a busy overwhelming day but you know the Lord know exactly what we need and when we need it all but one of the puppy customers called and postponed thier visit until the next week!

The first puppy customer came and they picked out thier puppy after they left we had a steady stream of customers until 2:30 then we took about 15 people (all one family that love dad) (and also customers) into the hospital to visit dad and we surprised him good =)

we then went and ate since we didnt have breakfast or dinner and mmmmmmmmm was it good when we got home I took care of my dogs and then got ready to go to church that evening I then laid down to take a nap because I didnt fall asleep till 2 last night and that morning got up at 6. Well I was just thinking about getting up when I heard mom talking on the phone and a little while later she called up and said the "Daudy" had died (Pennsylvania dutch for Grandpa) it was quite a shock to me cause I definatly wasn't expecting it escpecially then.

Ruth ann and I decided we still were going to go to church just to get our minds off of things and we were going to leave right away after the service well that didn't happen cause lots of people wanted to talk to us because they had announced both things of dad being in the hospital and grandpa dieing. But it was nice to be able to talk about it cause that is healing.

We didn't go to church that morning because we had went to church the night before and we were VERY tired so we slept in and then around noon we took food in with us for mom when we went to see dad. We stayed in there until about 2 and then headed down to where the viewing was and we were there until 10 and it was so nice to be home!

Today we got up around 7 and went out to the barn and pulled an engine out of a tractor because a customer was coming to pick it up that morning. After we were done with that the puppy customer came and we then had to go into the hospital to be with dad while he had his surgery! His surgery went well all except his blood pressure went really high. They gave him a shot and then put him in his room and once they found us in the right waiting room we went in and were with him for a little bit and then his brother and his brothers wife came in and relieved us so we could go down to the viewing! It was nice to see some people I haven't seen in a long time!

Was a very bittersweet day it was wonderful cause I know grandpa won't ever have to feel pain on this earth again and he is in a much better happier place! But it was sad knowing that grandma will be all by herself now without him.But the day was a crisp cool air and the sun was shining. The service went good but not without lots of tears. After the service and the burial. They served us a really good dinner it was nice to have a homecooked meal again! Dad had been released from the hospital that morning and Lynn and Barb brought him down so he could view my grandpa.

Today I got up at 6:30 and we packed all the ebay boxes then we headed into Lancaster because I was going for my driver's license and I PASSED after that we celebrated with pizza dad got worn out and we went home!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me and My Boy

I got Duke out the other day and he was in a good mood (he usually is) and so we took some pictures together cause ever since I bought him we didn't do any photoshoots! Love Him.