Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alots been happenin around here lately Pictures!!

                                  Duke! I finally got a good one!!!
                          Puppies! They are only about 2hrs. old here!
                                 there are six 5Males and 1 Female :)
                        Sophie the goat that lives w/ Ruth Ann's horses!
                                      She does NOT like me LOL
 We were down in York today and went past this combine in the field and I asked dad to stop cause I wanted to take a picture of it cause it looks awsome with the red combine and the fall leaves in the background!!

 The gorgeous sunset on Sunday I couldn't seem to get a nice picture of it.

                                            sisterly love :)
 The sunset on Monday :) I had my camera on the right settings!


                                I got an awsome picture of the moon!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I had an MRI scheduled for today and that went very well it didn't hurt but was quite loud. They told me the results would probably come back on Friday but they came back today and there is no tumor or any such thing it was just a migrane headache! Happy with this news!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hospital visit

Well as some of you know I have been battling severe pain in my head where I had been hit a couple years ago and it only now is deciding to bite me. Yesterday my head got to throbbing so badly I called my doctor and he said I should go to the emergency room. So we headed there and they put me through pretty quickly and when we got to see the doctor she asked us what we wanted to do and she also said they couldn't request an MRI but they could do a cat scan that would show a tumor or bleeding in the brain. So thats what we did and it was totally painless. They also gave me three shots one to relax me, the other to take the nausa away, and steroids. I finally slept for more than 3hrs for the first time in a week!

Today we went to the family doctor because they wanted me to do a follow up. They asked me a bunch of questions and checked my weight, height, and cordination. They sent me for some blood work ans scheduled an MRI for Wednesday.

I have been having a stressful busy week and will be so thankful when it is all over it is not fun thinking I may have a brain tumor. It could be any number of things. Hopefully it is just a brain swelling or scar tissue cause they are treated with antibiotics.

I pity my dogs they aren't getting much attention right now cause we are running in and out of the hospital/docotor right now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Life

It is cold here but next week it should clear up again and become warm again! We haven't seen the sun for awhile here and I thought of the song

       For the sun is awlways shining thought the clouds may hide its veiw
      we may not see a silver lining but any day now some way and some  
      how the light from heaven will com breaking through.

I love this song because no matter what happens God is there for me also reminds me of the saying.

       Good friends are like stars...............................................
                you dont always see them but you know they are there

My dad says this quote quite often and I love it!!!!
  The dogs are all doing well! Princess is due any day for puppies and I am getting terribly excited (I always get like this) I am ready to get rid of the puppies when it is time but I am always ready for more!

I love raising and house training puppies!!!!

Matilda is still the hyper crazy dog she always is! Duke is my destroyer LOL I bought him a flow feeder where food always comes out! And he totally ripped it apart (no more automatic feeders for you buddy LOL).

Last night the neighbor was getting steers again so I had to tie all y dogs out front so they don't bark cause if they do the cattle don't come off the trailer well. They all loved being outside together!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rain :)

It is wet and cold here and I learned you never take an air conditioning out just after it rained :) which I should have known but you know blond moment. My floor got just a teeny bit wet (o.k. three towels wet) but anyways just so long as it doesn't leek throught the floor I'll be good.

The dogs love this weather because then they get hay in thier dog boxes and they love being wet so this is just perfect for them. Thier owner on the other hand does not like it unless it's warm out :)

On Wednesday I go for my driver's test so if you think of me pray for me cause I haven't been doing so well with my parrallel parking hopefully I pass that will make life more convenient for everyone :)!

Life in the tractor business is good we are slowing down a bit but that is to be expected since  it is getting chilly out! But we are staying busy cause we are rearanging the shop and we are getting rid of a line so the whole shop is a mess so if your coming over it will be clean again eventually :)

Well thats all for now hope you enjoy the pictures :)



Matilda October 1, 2012

P.S. None of these pictures are edited
This is how enthusiastic my girl is about getting her ball :)
                                             yup, she adores her ball
                              She is so happy :) it rubs off on me :)

                       I just love this picture cause it shows her face so well

                                           her beloved ball :)
                                                the cat :)
                           content after a long chase-after-the-ball session

                                          peeking at me
                                                 love her!!!!

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson