Sunday, September 30, 2012

8 Pictures for you :)

                                   that CAN NOT be comfortable LOL

                                         Rachel and Princess
                                         Fall already can't believe it

Thursday, September 27, 2012

:) :) :) :) Life isn't all fun and games but you still can enjoy the journey :) :) :) :)

Life has been full and interesting lately!

We are cleaning the barn up and throwing out alot of stuff I think dad is in his  we-are-looking-for-a-place-going-to-move-soon mode and I think actually realizing how much stuff we actually have. We are actually selling off a whole entire line/series of tractors we used to cover because the parts are bigger than we are used to and the parts aren't selling as good anymore so we decided to sell it off. So if you know of anyone who needs 154 or 185 parts let us know.

Ruth Ann and I went with our youth group last weekend to Bald Eagle Boys camp to help them with whatever the needed done for one whole work day! We left Friday evening around 4 and got up there around 7 and set up our tents and then it started pouring buckets but fortunatly all our stuff pretty much stayed dry! While it was raining we went for ice cream :) (brilliant)!

The next morning it was a slightly chilly morning and it looked as if it could rain again but even though we got dressed and went out and ate breakfast (breakfast mountain pies mmmmm) after breakfast there was a guy that came and told us what we were going to do the whole day and it consisted of some of us girls cleaning the chief's cabin and everyone else going out ans chopping wood or stacking wood.

I helped clean in the morning and helped stack in the afternoon those of us who cleaned were dropped off on top of the mountain to stack the wood everyone else chopped it was quite alot of fun! But then it started raining again and we set two pallets on end and draped a tarp over top and had our own little "house" But wouldn't you know we just got done finishing it and the sun came out :) but we were glad to get at least half dried off :)

My dogs have been doing really well I changed dog food finally once I did alot of research and figured out which food I wanted to use and which one had the same ingredients as all the others and was the cheapest per pound. I finally decided to go with Purina not shure if it was the wisest choice but the dogs seam to like it better than the feed mill brand.

Matilda is her normal bouncy happy self but is finally doing much better on the leash we can actually both enjoy our walk with her beside me instead of her walking me. I would love to get an agility set for us to work on ground work, respect, and obedience. And it would let her run all her energy out!

Duke is the same except he turns 5 months old on the 8th of next month can't believe he is getting so big! He is such a gentle dog though so you hardly notice his size but I am afraid he is going to get alot bigger yet the size of his feet, ears, and tail show that!!

I enjoy taking pictures :)

This was one evening I was gooing out to my dogs and saw the whit mark in the sky and I just liked how it looked!

Duke: He was looking at the big brown horse and probably wondering what it was and I got a good pic. of his face!

                                      He was smiling at me :)
Daisy: Ruth Ann's beautiful horse actually looking and with her ears front wich is a wonderful thing because rarely ever does she have her ears front.
a gorgeous flower by the barn that I just HAD to take a picture of it.
The next couple are over a couple day period and I didn't even try it but the moon was so gorgeous I had to take a picture and so here it is in a couple different segments. 
                                               moon # 1
moon #2
                                                      moon #3

One evening there was a hot air baloon that was gonna land in a field next to our farm and it was so pretty with the sun going down :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures they aren't all of my dogs for a change :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

My dogs's Description

Yes, she has her quirks, makes me mad ,and respect is an issue , but she is the one that keeps me from going totally insane and makes it easier to go through the day knowing I have a wonderful dog to go to in the end of the day! We have an odd bond I see me in her so much she doesn't let anyone get too near her emotionally and physicly she is "I will lick you and give you my paw to hold but PLEASE do not hug me". She isn't an affectionate dog but a more loyal companion you will not find you will not find!  She is very energetic ,and like me loves to get her blood pumping and enjoy life to the fullest!

He is my little charmer loves me to distraction and is very affectionate and is so obedient. He makes me laugh at his clumsiness and enthusiasm to obey whatever I tell him to do. He is my prankster if anything is shredded, chewed ,or just plain out of place you can gaurentee Duke did it :). without him I believe I would have gone on thinking there isn't a dog in the world that automaticly doesn't pull on the leash. He loves to fetch the ball over and over again as long as you throw he will fetch. And he has the longest tail in history when he stands it touches the ground, big goffy floppy ears ,and a heart of Gold!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photoshoot (cont.)

                                       you get this............
                                    and this.............
                                            a confrence
                                  they weren't listening
                                     so not listening
                                   the finished product LOL

Monday, September 10, 2012

SMBI (pictures finally)

                                   my wonderful friend Charlotte
                                 one of our youth leaders Kevin
                                        playing volleyball
                                           more volleyball!
Josh saying something to the other team
                                              Sonya Martin
Dwight Martin

                                  my beautiful friend Lori
                             two of my best buddies together Evie and Lori
                              a lost kitty one of the girls found :)
My friend Elana took these pictures and gave them to me :) There maybe will be more to come!