Monday, July 30, 2012


WOW post number 50 for this year I believe this is a new record!!!

I know the picture above has nothing to do with post #50 but I never showed this picture to anyone and I absolutly LOVE it I took it before we left and believe it or not this is NOT how Matilda looks anymore. She is thinner (not so much hair), Darker (puppy fuzz all left due to shedding).

Flat Tires

Well I had my first flat tire fotunatly I wasn't on the highway and dad was with me so that halped we were an hour from home ,but we were at a tractor dealership that we were picking up a load of tactors up from. We had just gotten the tractor on and I happened to notice the one back tire was very low and I asked dad what he thought and he said that we would check it out so the guy there blew up the tire and dad happened to notice a screw sticking in the tire. The owner was like well we can either leave it in there and see what happens or we can plug the tire. We went with plugging the tire and we drove for an hour and 15min. and it stayed in so we are all thankful!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dads and Friends

Yup my topic today is Dads and friends and I am blessed to have both! I don't say I have and abundance of friends ,but I feel the ones that I d have won't stab me in the back, but will stand with me through thick and thin!

Proverbs 18:24 NIV
A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I love this Bible verse because I think it is oh so true! Somoene who has more friends they can count may get to have a "Big Head" and come to think they are popular now I know this is not always the case but it can happen.

The person who has few friends may sometimes feel like they are not part of the "cool crowd" and may feel they aren't as beautiful or nice as the one who has lots of friends ,I ashure you that most times that isn't the case!

Dads, well they are a gift from God! I am blessed to have the relationship with my dad as what I do! Him an I are like best buds there isn't much we don't discuss together! It helps we work together pretty much every day! We do have our squabbles as I think everyone does but I think when you have communication in a relationship it helps!

I think that is one reason I deleted facebook for now is because it was getting in the way of my spiritual life and also the relationship I have with my friends I always seem to never have time to e-mail my friends like I like so I am now making time to do that!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Goodbye Facebook!

Well I am officially closing my facebook account don't ask me why but I just feel it is the right thing to do at this point in time!

Well as some of you already may know I took Matilda to the vet. I had wanted to take her anyways and get her physical done before I breed her and make shure everything was fine with her hips, heart, mouth, and ears and everything checked out great! She had injured her paw and I wasn't shure what happened I figured she just ripped a toenail off but wanted to make shure that was all that happened. Well her toenail will be fine in about two months I just took her to the vet earlier than planned but it gave me peace of mind that she will be ok! I also got them to trim her nails and I told the vet to show me how to do it so I could do it myself. I know I probably could have done it just fine myself the first time but I just wanted somoene to show me how cause I would hate it if somoene experimented on me and hurt me in the process so I wasn't going to do that to my dog!

We have been having some severe thunderstorms here of late and my poor dogs absolutly hate them so I have to keep spraying the wood in there pens with "Bitter Apple" so that they don't chew it when a storm comes through I told them they act worse than me when a storm comes LOL. They have these new jacket things out called a thunder jacket or something and I would love to get one to try on matilda but I am afraid to spend such big money on something she may just chew off anyways!

Dad and I went to an auction today that was ab hour and 45min away and it was all pretty much big highway driving and he let me drive home. Oh it was so much fun I always love driving fast and on the big highway your aloud to go 65 and so i can drive fast and usually don't get stopped :).

Friday, July 27, 2012

2 Years ago, 5 Dogs, 131 posts!!!!!!!!!

WOW alot has happened :) to years ago this was my first whole day owning Sasha alot has happened since then! a c-section my first time helping a dog give birth, helping puppies find thier mommie's milk, weening the puppies, selling my first dog, selling Dusty, getting Matilda, buying Duke ,redoing the dog pen TWICE LOL, training, and so much more it has been a great expierence, alot of work, challenges, but most of all ALOT of fun!!!!!!!

Sneek Peek of Red Power Roundup!

                                        Our main stop for food
                                           My book for the trip :)
                     mmmmmmmmmm a frappe that has choclate chips
                OHIO I see this barn every year and finally got a picture of it
                     It had just rained so the mountains were steaming!
 What we listened to the whole way out and the whole way home!
                         Rachel very proud she got her very own frappe!
MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RPRU 2012

Well the trip went well it was HOT it got up to 110 one day! The humidity was quite high! Fortunatly we were an inside vendor and the building was air conditioned wich is rare at a tractor show so we were all thankful for that!

We didn't do much after the show and we actually cam home early because of it being so warm and they were wanting severe storms as well and we have had our fill of western tornadoes. We were going to go see the St. Louis arch and it was supposed to get to 110-112 degrees and we would have had to walk a quarter of a mile so it wasn't worth it hopefully we go again someday!

I missed my dogs SO much I spent over an hour with them today it was SO much fun seeing them again and getting doggie kisses! Matilda got alot darker, Duke got bigger, Princess got fatter LOL. Here is a quote from one of the books I got!

Many people probably think that all the fuss that breeders and fanciers make over their purebred dogs—how they look, how they move—is unnecessary. Why do the teeth need to be just so? Why does a judge do such a thorough hands-on evaluation of twenty dogs that to most of us look so much alike? The answer lies in the fact that purebred dogs are bred for a specific purpose and that the structure of the dog impacts its ability to do what it has been bred for be it retrieving game, guarding livestock, tracking lost people, or pulling sleds full of supplies to a snowed-in village.

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a dog's life

Well Duke is doing great! He is doing well in training. One thing he loves to be RIGHT THERE when I am walking wich can be a tad onoying because he is also underfoot then :)

Matilda is doing excellent a little jealous right now and I can't understand why because I spen equal amount of time with them both!!! I am still working on the leash training I know she is 10months old but there is always work to do!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Life has been busy and HOT oh I can't believe the heat it seems evrywhere I go I cannot get cool LOL. Well The past two weekends mom and dad have abandoned me and Ruth Ann so we were all on our own last weekend I went to a sleepover with my cousins and we had so much fun we played dominoes, went swimming, and ate LOTS of food, and drank coffee! Ruth Ann picked me up Saturday afternoon and then we went home and talked!

This past weekend we were home just Saturday it was alot of fun! Ruth Ann had to sleep cause she worked that morning (3am-11am) so while she slept I ate and washed the blue truck cause dad asked me to! Then I came in and listened to music and read. Once she got up we went into Lacaster to the Bath and Body Works cause they were having sale we spent only $57 and saved $103 WOW was I ever impressed then we went to this nifty little coffee shop and had coffe well I did Ruth Ann got a fruit smoothie!! The next morning we went to church where we also got Rachel cause she had been staying at a friend's house!

Training with Matilda is going slow right now cause I don't have alot of time to train I jut get her out morning and evening for our 10 min walk! I don't know how I will make time for a little puppy but I will find a way I am shure I will have plenty of help LOL. We are going to pick him up Thursday morning I am SO excited!!!

More pictures!

                                    My Beautiful Girlie!
                                           Best Buddies!
                                     Yes, I have grease on my face!
                 There is nothing like a jar of treats (in a dog's perspective)
                                          My Girls!
                                 The curtain I sowed (yes I sowed)