Friday, June 29, 2012


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GOOD NEWS: I finally found a male that is suitable for our kennel!! He is of champion bloodlines and is AKC registered! He is going to be 8 weeks next week and we will be bringing him home!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Normally when you hear this word in the exclamatory form it is because somoene has touched something! Well in this case yes but it was me outside oh my cannot believe how warm it is 95 in the shade and 100 outside of the tree LOL! My poor dogs I keep giving them fresh water every hour and have the fan on so they have a comfortable place to be!! Let's just say I will be OVERJOYED when the weather finally calms down a little!

Well Matilda is doing ecellent in training I was reading the puppy training book abd it say if you lay the puppy down on thier side and hold them down and wait until they are done struggling and crying and this is to help so they know that you are boss. Well I tried this with Matilda and you wouldn't believe how hard it is with a dog that is 70lbs. of pure muscle :) Lets just say I won the battle but not without a very big fight. But she now does very well on the leash and obeys commands much better!

OH we bought a male puppy last week and will be bringing him home the first week in July and we will be starting training as soon as we bring him home! I am so excited and I keep telling Matilda she is going to get another house mate to live with but she has to be kind because he is going to be alot smaller than her LOL

Well gotta run!
~Rose Mary

Monday, June 4, 2012

Barn Renovations 2012

The Barn is finally done!! After a week of staying up late and hard work it feels good to finally be able to wash the manure away and not have to touch it anymore and it is alot healthier too for the dogs! Matilda and Princess both enjoy this alot better! It is so nice not to have muddy dogs anymore and have nice clean smelling dogs! Next is the inside we are going to put new flooring in!!

:) :)

These pictures are from awhile ago I finally figured out how to take pictures off my phone!! The top one is of three of our cats (not including Mrs. Duggar) (inside jk :) The one on the seat is Penny the one on the Fender is Tigger and the black one is Chocalate. The bottom picture is Matilda and Puff or Matilda trying to get puff LOL!

My week has started out with a BANG we are terribly busy (why  am I not out in the barn you say?) well it is called luch break and yes we do take those ocasionally!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Will we forgive???

I saw this picture not to long ago and it brought the question to my mind. If we are not forgetting then how can we be forgiving  the person who did this. Now I am not saying to let them run free on the street but there is still a level of forgiveness and I think we as a nation have forgotten that. There are alot of bad things that came out of this there was needless blood shed but there was also some good done as well such as security procautions (yes sometimes we may get annoyed at them but they are truly there to protect us)!!! Just a thought!

Eva Hart- Titanic survivor

Titanic 1912

Kelsey Tate comes from sturdy stock. Her great-grandmother Adele endured the sinking of Titanic and made it safely to America, where she not only survived but thrived. Generations later, Kelsey works for the firm Adele founded nearly 100 years ago.
Now facing a hostile takeover, the firm’s origins are challenged when new facts emerge about Adele’s actions on the night Titanic sank. Kelsey tries to defend the company and the great-grandmother she has long admired, but the stakes are raised when Kelsey’s boss is murdered and her own life threatened. Forced to seek help from Cole Thornton, a man Kelsey once loved—and lost, thanks to her success-at-all-costs mentality—she pursues mysteries both past and present. Aided by Cole and strengthened by the faith she’d all but forgotten in her climb up the corporate ladder, Kelsey races the clock to defend her family legacy, her livelihood, and ultimately her life.
I just finished this book it is one that is VERY hard to lay down! It took me three nights of reading late to finally finish it :) I absolutly LOVE Mindy Starns Clark as an author and this new book is one of her and her husband's best one yet!!!!

I have been researching alot about the titanic since the 100th anniversary it was such a needless thing that all those people had to die. Just because Man says it is unsinkable God shows them he is still in control but I also believe that if there was enough of life boats most of the peole would have survived.

If you look online for survivors interviews then there is one lady who was seven years old when it happened and she remembers it clearly and gives a good account!

Titanic - 1912/ 100 years later

A few Pictures for You to Enjoy