Sunday, May 27, 2012

Youth Cabin 2012

Well I am back with lots of news!!!!! This weekend was an awsome one! Our youth group LEBANON COUNTY YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We all (well most of us anyways) went to the cabin this weekend We had lots of food games and uplifting conversations! It was a very relaxing weekend I feel like I am alot closer to my youth group then I was before! Our schedule waas pretty busy but we still had time to relax and LOTS of volleyball. I played but I watched too because it is so funny to watch people thier expressions and how they act when they either hit or miss a ball you see the real them with how the respond!

Friday 3:00pm-1:00am: We all met at the church at 3 and loaded all our stuff into the enclosed trailer and then we had prayer and all loaded into the 4 vans and headed off! It was quite the ride up there me and my friend Lori were laughing and having fun :) Ruth Ann slept cause she had gotten up 13 hrs earlier to go to work. It took 2 hrs to get to the cabin and you have NO cell service up there wich was probably a good thing and the phone in the cabin is off limits. When we arrived we unloaded the trailer figured out what the code was to unlock the door LOL and then we all got our suitcases and took them to the respective places then we all headed outside and sat in the grass until they started a campfire then we got supper out wich was mountain pies (yum) and then they started playing volleyball and we played that until curfew wich was 1:00am (: :)

Saturday 8:00am-12:30/1:00am:  Since everyone went to bed so late it was kinda normal that everyone gets up late! I woke up at 8 and got dressed and went up and ate breakfast it was breakfast pizzas and fruit and coffee cake and orange juice and chocalate milk! After breakfast everyone went outside and there was different things going on! V-ball, crochet, campfire, wading (or in some cases swimming LOL) in the creek, and taking long interesting walks!! At 1:00 they had a water battle where you take any BIG container you can (mostly trash cans) and fill it up at the hydrant and douse people :) I did not help because I did not feel like getting soaked it was quite amusing to watch as people screamed/laughed as they got a surprised douseing LOL! After the water battle it started thundering and lightning so some stayed out on the porch to watch but most went inside there were alot of board/card games going on I played a game called upwords wich was quite interesting to hear some people's new words they wanted to make up just so they could score point (mostly me :). Afterwards we ate super and by then it was still raining so people sat around in the living room reading or talking and some took naps. When it finally quite raining some of us girls went outside and played bump. after bump there was a spiritual activity that included singing and praying and a little message!!!  After the spiritual activity we sang alot of song then we had snack! After snack it seemed everyone had energy again we all went outside and played a couple games of v-ball and after I was done playing the last game it was 11:30 so I decided to head in and get in the shower so I didn't have to wait in line! then I slept :)

Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm: I got up and got dressed ate breakfast packed my bags and then we left had a humerous conversation and spiritual building reading on ther way home and that was that for the weekend it went WAY to fast and I had tons of fun!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Laugh

Well hello there people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in a good mood but there is a little bit of dampness in my happiness LOL I have two little puppies here that I have a really good price on but it seems no one wants one right now :( wich is horrible because I want to redo the dog pen and I can't because my pups are still here.


When lives hang in the balance, it's not often that search-and-rescue teams get a good chuckle. But everyone deserves a break from time to time.

Early this month, a man from Raumati South, a rural town east of Wellington, put on his shoes, grabbed a leash and took the dog out for a little stroll. By nightfall, they hadn't returned.

The lush, green coastal area of the southwest tip of New Zealand's North Island offers one of the most spectacular views of the South Pacific, but along with it comes a dense, mountainous, often hazardous terrain. When the man's absence became evident, it triggered a search and rescue hunt conducted by the Wellington Police.

The New Zealand Herald reports that some time later the man was indeed found, mostly unhurt, but in a rather compromised condition—stuck in a blackberry bush, having been dragged there by his dog.

"He was well and truly stuck and wasn't going anywhere fast," says Sergeant Andy Warnes, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

The man and his dog were returned home in good condition apart from a few scratches and prickles. Reportedly, they were not speaking to each other.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Riley 9/11

I love this picture it is from 9/11 his name is Riley he is no longer alive he died from skin disease. I love search and rescue dogs and would love to participate in training these dogs they are amazing and have wonderful capabilities!!

From the book Scent of The missing:

There's a story told about an experienced handler working a training scenario with a young dog who'd just begun to learn to search. The threestory warehouse where they sought a single wolunteer victim was an ideal training enviroment: full of stacked crates, landscaping tools, out-of-season holiday decorations, window cleaning equipment, discarded office furniture, and the occasional makeshift bed for a homeless person who'd snuck in. The lighting was poor. there were dark stairwells and disused elevator shafts, strange air currents and dead corners where scent hung motionless. The building challenged even experienced teams. But this dog was keen, and this handler wanted to give the building a try.

Working from the almost empty ground floor up, the two swept the entire warehouse, and the Australian Cattle dog pup hesitated in only one spot - a patch of cement strewn with moldy remains of halloween hay. He worried at the hay a little before the handler directed him away and upward to the second floor. From there they worked slowly through the still air, threading thier way between the corridors of outcast computer desks and finfing nothing. Up to the third floor, even more congested and dusty, peppered with pigeon feathers and owl droppings. They worked the room edges, the corners, and made back-and-forth sweeps across the middle of it through debris. The dog showed no interest at all. Knowing they had one planted victim, the handler reversed the search and again swept the third floor. Nothing. Second floor. Nothing still. Losing faith in the dog due to it's youth and relative inexperience, the handler began opening crates and tilting boxes over, hoping either to find the victim himself or to stir the air enough to shake loose a significant scent. The dog did not respond. In frustration, the handler took the dog back to the first floor and moved back to the flat scatter of hay, and the handler called him away from it twice, directing the dog to the edges of the elevator door.

The story goes that the dog now had enough, ignored the handler and marched past him, oblivious to further commands, trotting out of the building straight to the head trainer and plopping down in her lap. The trainer says that when the handler came out, his face flushed with anger, the dog turned away. She says the dog too looked disgusted, like "ain't HE a piece of work?"

After a few moments' debrief, the trainer asked if the dog had shown any interest in anything in the buiding at all. The handler dismissivley mantioned the hay. The trainer stood up and led the pair back into the building, where she ran her foot across the hay and revealed the grate in the floor, and beneath the grate, a ten-year-old child sat patiently in the space of an air duct, lookig upward at the three of them.

I've never heard how the story concluded - if the handler made nice to his dog at that moment, if the dog shrugged off the incident in the way good-natured canines, how the pair of them fared on later searches. But the tale in all it's versions is always cautionary, it's warning perpetual: TRUST THE DOG

My week

I know I always say this but I am busy busy busy and right noe at this point in time I wish I could slow it down because tommorrow the dear pups are going to be leaving and I am going to miss them terribly because I played with them more than the last litter. We may get them out tonight because I want to spend a little more time with them befor they leave wich may not be good for my poor heart but I will have fun at it :)

This morning I couldn't sleep so I got up at 6:30 wich is VERY unusual because I am NOT a morning person. So anyways I got up and I went out carried water out to the dogs and then around 7:20 I came in and everyone was still sleeping so I went out and walked Matilda!!! This was the first time in awhile since I walked her so it was nice and chilly this morning a perfect time to be out hiking in the field! Homer is planning on planting the field soon so I was glad to be able to walk in the field before he does that!

We are working on puttong a hydrant out by the dog barn because with my tennis elbow I can no longer carry water buckets out. We bought the hydrant about 6 months ago and are only now working on putting it in! I will be SO happy when it is in!

This summer we are going to redo the dog barn again! We are going to put new linoilium in the puppy pen and we are going to put new beds in for the dogs. We are also going to put the dogs on wire to make cleanup easier for me cause with my arm it is so hard for me to do things and we won't have to dewrom the dogs as much!

Thats all for now! Rose Mary

Friday, May 4, 2012

Me, my dog, and I

More News!

Well life has been super duper busy for me lately between running the puppies to the vet, having a sick puppy, working, and anything else they can think to make me run my little legs off ;).

Dad finally went into the doctor today to get his stitches out and they said they were glad he came in because it wouldn't have healed correctly if he wouldn't have come back in to get it cleaned not shure why but whatever.

The puppies are growing like weeds and are SO jealous when mom and I play with the big dogs they jus sit there and howl away. We had them out yesterday in the big yard and let them run around with Rachel the puppies were way worn out before Rachel ever was so we put them away and they plunked on the floor and all fell asleep it was nice not to hear sqealing for once!

Matilda has been doing excellent in training she finally has learned not to pull on the leash no matter what is around a cat rachel or otherwise she is becoming a very well behaved dog and she makes me very proud of her!!

I am not shure what is wrong with Princess she is being very moody right now I think it is because she hears her puppies sqealing all the time and has that mother instinct in her and can't stand hearing it all day (can't say i blame her).

Mom has been contemplating selling Sandy but I hope she doesn't because she is one of our calmer dogs and she looks SO much like Dusty it isn't evern funny.

There is one puppy in the litter named Conrad and he is so fat and chubby yesterday it was so funny to watch when we had them out he was running around being more active then I ever saw him be! If I could keep one of these males it would be him! He weighed 11 lbs. when the rest of the puppies weighed 6-8 lbs. :)

Well that's all for now!!!!!!!!!! Rose Mary