Friday, March 30, 2012

a thing called LIFE!!!

Well I have been busy busy and more busy!!! As some of yuo know I turned 16 on March 7th lets just say it wasn't one of my better days but my friends made my day I got letters that made me cry of how friends felt about me (in a good way!) they said such sweet things it made my day! (And for those of you who wanted to know ,no I am not dating or interested in a guy thank-you-very-much :) It seems as soon as you turn 16 everyone thinks you must start dating but as I see it God will bring your mate in your life when he thinks you are ready and I have dreams and I feel called to do things before I settle down and get married if God calls me in a differen t direction sometime in my life that is totally fine it may be hard for me to understand at that point in my life but I am willing to seek God's direction in my life!!!!

Matilda is growing like a weed and drinks water like one too I have never seen a dog drink as much as she does :). She has been doing awsomely in he training!! LOVE HER wel gotta go!! ttyl!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rachel And Penny

Rachel wanted me to make a collage of her and Penny well it has more Penny than Rachel but I love the pictures and the Quote!!!

-Rose Mary

GRADUATE of 2012

I AM A GRADUATE!!!! I finally am now officially done w/ High School and as some of you know this is great news for me because I want to go to college for dog training!!!!! I will soon be 16 so this is wonderful because I wanted to be done with all the studies before I started on my drivers permit because I knew once I got that then school would be put on the back burner and it would never get done so I am so happy!!!!!

Well since it rained yesterday Matilda is now known as the "Mudd Ball" she is so icky and gross because her pen is all muddy we used to have Princess in there but Princess is going to have puppies at the end of this month so she is now in the other pen and Princess was the smart dog she stays inside when it rains so she is hardly ever wet or muddy (Love her for that) she then keeps her pen cleaner too!