Sunday, February 12, 2012

My week

Well it is cold and blustery here up to 23 mph winds here and with wind chill it feels like 16 degrees when it is 25 LOL BIG difference I know.

Yesterday was my cousins wedding and during the ceremony the preacher (who happened to be the bride's dad) told the bride and groom to join hand and that was the first time they ever touched eachother ever since they were dating wich I think was a year and some and I thought that was so cool and I think if I ever date it will be a "Hands Off" relationship I see the value in it.

Today Ruth Ann and I went riding I rode Curly :) I like him but he is a little more jercky than some but he was still awsome to ride! We (Ruth Ann and I) did alot of talking and had some awsome "sister" time! It was cold and windy but I was all warm ecept my feet. After we came back Sharon (who didn't go with us because it was too cold) had snack ready we had warm cookies, yummy seasoned popcorn, and choclate pretzels yum!!!!

Well I am glad this week is over because I didn't get alot of time to spend with my dogs because I was taking care of my neighbors dogs and so I took care of my neighbors dogs my ,mom took care of our dogs! I did spend some time with my dog tonight but she is sooooo hyper that it was annoying (she needs a walk) Love her though!

This week dad still can't work so I had to do it mostly by myself, Ruth Ann, and dad's friend Bruce. We had 3 trucks coming in and lots of tractors that people wanted so yeah I was super busy!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Well it is February already people. Some people told me that my 15th year would go slow well if that was thier definition of slow I don't wanna know how fast goes. If 16 goes any faster I don't know what I would do because it was all a blur to me, But I wouldn't live t again because it was a growing and stretching year in my life I learned alot I went through alot of trials, I learned that losing a best friend is VERY hard (even though I can go see Sasha it still isn't the same), I had alot of joy too we had our first two litter of puppies and that was alot of work but a ton of fun. We kept a puppy from each litter and it has been alot of fun raising and training them! I have not yet reached the point of excitment for 16 yet cause there is alot of work and patience needed yet. (work because I need to read my driver's manuel and patience cause dad will only be starting to work at that point).

Yesterday was alot of fun I helped my best friend and neighbor Emily start the basic training of her dog (she got one of our pups) it was alot of fun I don't know if we got anywhere but we got the basic of sit down and hopefully the foundation of "no jumping" but we shall see. Well that is all for now!