Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012

Well this has been a hectic month so far first it was a new year then dad was in the hospital then I got a phone and dad will be on bedrest for awhile until March lets just say I am looking forward till then and not just because I am turning 16 because then life will finally go back to the new normal!

We will most likely have puppies by the end of March (another thing to look forward to) I will be taking care of my neighbor's dogs while they are away they will be gone a whole week I am looking forward to it because she doesn't have any puppies this time so it won't take that long!! I think she is thinking about selling her dogs because she is getting tired of doing dogs.

Matilda so Far

From this: 1 Day old

To this: 5 weeks Old

To this: 10 Weeks Old

To this: 22 weeks old

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hospital stay

Well as some of you know dad has been in the hospital. Well he went in Sunday at midnight and they said he had a hernia and they scheduled surgery for 6:00pm but the operating room was not available so they decided to hold it off until the next day. Well the next day they scheduled the surgery for 11:00 and and it was only supposed to take an hour but he wasn't back into his room until 3:00pm well they found he had a ruptured appendix as well so they had a big mess to clean up they figured he would be in the hospital until Monday the next week because he was in alot of pain and his incision is not closed well Wednesday nothing changed he still ahd to eat jello and broth. Thursday they took him off IV and let him eat solid food. Today (Friday) he was there and was aloud to take a shower! They said that if they put him on a wound vac he could come home but we first had to secure one and have it delivered here so then around 5:00 pm mom left to go get him and arrived home around 5:40! We are glad it was nothing worse and now he will have to recover for awhile at least until the beginning of March.