Monday, November 21, 2011

Missing Sasha and everything else that has happened recently

Right now I am missing Sasha lately I don't know what is about me right now but I called her "parents" tonight and they said that she has overtaken the couch and that they love her dearly I am so glad she went to a good home and that they love her but I still wish she was here.

Well enough with crying my blues LOL Matilda is doing awsome and is learning to sit but getting distracted is a problem :) but she knows her name and when I open the door she stays unless I tell her that she may go! And when we are on a walk she comes when I say come and she does very well off the leash as well unless she sees a cat or a chicken she LOVES chasing chickens.

I got my braces off for all of you that are interested to know I am SO happy to have them off. the orthodontics people showed me the pics of before I even had my braces on and they looked absoluply terrible. I had my braces on for four years I could'nt believe I had them on for THAT long.

We are having dog problems here right now I just found out that Princess has ringworm and we have to bathe her for six weeks once a week and dive her meds every day once a day that is ok the worst part for her is that she can't be walked right now during this period of time and she is going stir crazy. I don't know if all of you heard but we finally sold all the puppies!

I think we pretty well have the mouse thing kicked out in the barn we just killed another one on Sunday Oh I will be so glad not to have mice terds everywhere it is getting really annoying. the other day I had left mr coat out in the dog barn and then later I went out and was out for awhile and then put it on to go in well here I felt something strange in the sleeve and then I realized that it was a mouse and I was there jumping up and down screaming (by the way my family said they would have paid to see this LOL) and I hurridly took the coat off and carried it (at arm's lenght) into the house (see why I am ready to get rid of them?)

Well that is pretty much it for now! Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!