Sunday, September 11, 2011

A very sad anniversary.

Well today is the 10th anniversary for the twin towers. Best wishes and prayers to all those who lost thier lives and the families they left behind.

Puppies :)

Here are some pictures of Sasha and her puppies here they are 1 day old. Tommorow September 12,2011 they will be two weeks old!

water and puppies (no they don't mix well do they)

Well I have been having an amazing (sometimes) but busy life. I don't know where to start so I guess I'll start with all the rain we've been having we got about 12 inches here fortunatly our sump pump down by our house kept running so we didn't get much water but Grandma and Grandpa now that was another story thier house doesn't have a sump pump because they never had high water so anyways they are away and they called us and asked us to go check on thier basement I went up and looked and it had about a ft and half in it. Well dad had bought and extra sump pump when hurricane Irene came so we took that sump pump up to thier house and started pumping well this went on for probably 6 or so hours and the water kept rising (I could have went swiming but the water was really gross) it got up to about three and half feet of water and finally my uncle called dad and said he would bring his extra sump pump and hose along well once they got here and put thier pump in it held the water level from rising but it didn't go down so they called some guys who have a manure pump to come pump it out they took all but a couple inches out then they had to leave because the Ephrata Business center had about 11ft of water in it and they had to go help pump it so we put our sump pumps back in again and all went to bed. Well the next morning the water had risen again to about a foot and half but by the end of the day the sun was out and it only had about two inches anymore so we were all thankful it didn't get worse some people had it alot worse than we did.

Well two weeks ago tommorow I had five little bundles if joy join my dog kingdom (you guessed it) Sasha had her puppies and what cuttie pies they are they are starting to open thier eyes and venture about now so it is getting to the fun (and more work but who says life is a party 24/7) stage now. It was so funny I was out checking them this afternoon and one little pup was trying to use his legs well he got so far and crumpled he gave out a little yelp and tried it again well he only got a little ways and crumpled again and just gave a huge sigh and gave up it was soooo cute to watch. I don't know if some of you heard but dear Sasha had to have
c-section to have these puppies well on Sunday night her water broke and normally two hours after thier water breaks there comes a puppy well I was out there all sunday night and come monday morning still no puppy and sasha didn't move or anything so I called the vet and he said to bring her in so we took her in and they took and x-ray and her a puppy was laying right across the birthing canal so the vet said to do a c-section well I told him if they were going to open her up anyways to spay her right away so that what they did. I have mixed feelings right now I am overjoyed about the puppies but every week that goes by means it is getting closer and closer to the time I have to get rid of Sasha once the pups are five weeks old I ween them then Sasha leaves then three more week then all but one of them leaves I know I will get through it but it's gonna be tough but God didn't promise an easy road just to help us along when it gets tough :). Oh and by the way Sasha has one male and four female so if you know anyone who is interested in a puppie let me know they are Golden Retrievers and I am going to keep one so I am only selling four of them. My phone number is 717-587-3727!

Well I think that's all for now !!!