Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ocean City, New Jersey...August 8-12 2011!!

I am not quite shure where to begin I have been overly busy the past couple of weeks (or should I say months) well first of all I guess I will start out Sasha and Princess are for shore pregnant :) Sasha is due next week and she is getting big and fat :) SO EXCITED FOR PUPPIES :).

Last week we were in Ocean City New Jersey from Monday - Friday we had an awsome time there when we first got there we unloaded the truck then Ruth Ann and I went and got some Arizona tea (mmmmmmmmmm) and sunglasses (a nessesity) and we just walked along the boardwalk to see what they all had. We went back then and made hotdogs for supper then after we ate we all got into our bathing suits and went out onto the beach and went wading/swimming for a good hour :) then we went back and hung out in the motel!

We got up and made omlets for breakfast and then got into our swim suits and headed to the beach for the day!! We got out to the beach grabbed an umberella and some chairs set up and went into the water the water was very refreshing and salty but I didn't mind I loved every minute we spent about four hourse out in the water then around 2, 2:30 we went on the boardwalk and found a little pizza shop and ate supper then Ruth Ann and I went browsing and found a neat little bookstore and spent quite a bit of time in there browsing around Ruth Ann bought a book so she would have one to read on the beach! After that I spotted a dog shop and I went in intending to buy something but everything was three time the regular price I was like "no way" I was not gonna pay that much when I could get it for less at home.

In the morning we fried some potatoes and made some eggs for breakfast with our stomaches full and Lots of sunscreen we headed out to the beach once again (now you understand ech day we didn't get out to the beach till 9:30 , 10:00) we got some chairs and an umberella and set up and went into the water (I know same old same old but it was FUN) that day we were out about five hours then Ruth Ann and I went browsing (AGAIN, yes) and I found this mosta adorable little stuffed animal dog and it was so comfy I had to have it (common thing I know) so I bought it then we saw this quaint little coffee shop and stopped in to get some coffe (go figure :) and while we were in there it started pouring down rain well Ruth Ann and I got soaked coming back but we had fun anyway!!!!

Thursday: (our last day going into the water)
Well that day we got up and made the same breakfast (refer to: Wednesday) and got in our swimsuits ( you guessed it) got chairs and an umberella and headed to the water the funny tthing was the day before we had met a family who had a Rachel who was the same age same height same color hair and same swimsuit on well on Thursday we hung out with them most of the day we set up beside thaem so the two Rachels could play. I had an awsome time talking to Denise (Rachel's mom) and to her mom and her sister (Denise's) we disscussed pretty much everything under the sun :) (Litterally) that day we stayed out on the beach for about 5 hours athen we got coffee and went to our motel and hung out :).

Friday: (time to leave :(
Today was packing and getting ready to leave we got up around 8:30 and started packing we were packed and ready to go by 10:30 we left and we decided to eat at the Olive Garden in Lancaster and it took about three hourse to get there and then about an hour there we got home around 5:00 then we unpacked and then we got three customers then my friend Emily came over and we talked for about an hour and half then we went out to eat and then I spent time with my dogs for about and hour then I went to bed!! Had an AWSOME time on vacation!