Friday, July 29, 2011

We will Never Forget

Those of you who know me know I would love to get into search and rescue well as I was researching what all goes into it of course I came across the details of the twin towers and I was reading an article about it and being this is the tenth year there are signs all over saying......
well last year I had the privilage of being in New York city last year on sept. 11th and amazingly the city was not at all crowded but I will not be going back on the 11th this year beings it is the 10th anniversary a sad one though it may be. So here is a pick.

Hope you like this one it is my all time favorite I just love the way the sun is between the towers and I want to thank all the firefighters and search and rescue teams and of course all the dogs who served and everyone else as well.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

(I do not own anything on this picture it is the Natioanl search and rescue's)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well today was a bittersweet day I had advertised Dusty in the local newspaper and also on craigslist well today I got a call and a guy wanted to come and look at him and he came to look at him today and he bought him I got more for him than expected but the money does not mean a thing I miss him more than what I thought I would.

Well I don't know if I mentioned it but we did some renovating to the dog barn the outside we moved the barn leveled it out and put stones underneath then put it back jacked it up and cut rubber and laid it down. well the rubber was supposed to prevent digging and stink well it took care of the stink but it did NOT take care of the digging I have had to fix it TWICE now well I don't think she will do it again because I put plenty of cement blocks along there now so hopefully no more digging.

Sasha is doing very well in the training area she now stays when I tell her to so I can open the door of her pen and let her stay and I can work in there as long as I want and she will sit but as soon as you tell her ok, girl run off she is when she is outside without her leash she makes a little U turn and comes back the only thing she will not obey in is when she sees a cat off she goes but once she can't chase it anymore she comes back I am very proud of her.

Princess is my naughty one sees what she can get away with she is the one doing all the digging right now I am training her to heel which means she walks right beside and when I stop she sits down and waits until I say ok it's time to go she walks beside me again. Well so far the stopping and sitting we are doing excellent but walking beside OH MY that is like against her list of laws :) but all in all she is a good dog too. LOVE EM ALL

Well yesterday morning I got a call from my grandma and she said she had a litter of kittens with thier mommy under a bush in her flowerbed well I took them down and down on the porch was the other pregnant cat having her babies so now we have two litters of kitties so if anyone wants a kitten let us know :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trust the Dog!!

taken from Scent of the Missing........................................................

There's a story told about an experienced handler working a training scenario with a young dog who'd just begun to learn to search. The threestory warehouse where they sought a single wolunteer victim was an ideal training enviroment: full of stacked crates, landscaping tools, out-of-season holiday decorations, window cleaning equipment, discarded office furniture, and the occasional makeshift bed for a homeless person who'd snuck in. The lighting was poor. there were dark stairwells and disused elevator shafts, strange air currents and dead corners where scent hung motionless. The building challenged even experienced teams. But this dog was keen, and this handler wanted to give the building a try.

Working from the almost empty ground floor up, the two swept the entire warehouse, and the Australian Cattle dog pup hesitated in only one spot - a patch of cement strewn with moldy remains of halloween hay. He worried at the hay a little before the handler directed him away and upward to the second floor. From there they worked slowly through the still air, threading thier way between the corridors of outcast computer desks and finfing nothing. Up to the third floor, even more congested and dusty, peppered with pigeon feathers and owl droppings. They worked the room edges, the corners, and made back-and-forth sweeps across the middle of it through debris. The dog showed no interest at all. Knowing they had one planted victim, the handler reversed the search and again swept the third floor. Nothing. Second floor. Nothing still. Losing faith in the dog due to it's youth and relative inexperience, the handler began opening crates and tilting boxes over, hoping either to find the victim himself or to stir the air enough to shake loose a significant scent. The dog did not respond. In frustration, the handler took the dog back to the first floor and moved back to the flat scatter of hay, and the handler called him away from it twice, directing the dog to the edges of the elevator door.

The story goes that the dog now had enough, ignored the handler and marched past him, oblivious to further commands, trotting out of the building straight to the head trainer and plopping down in her lap. The trainer says that when the handler came out, his face flushed with anger, the dog turned away. She says the dog too looked disgusted, like "ain't HE a piece of work?"

After a few moments' debrief, the trainer asked if the dog had shown any interest in anything in the buiding at all. The handler dismissivley mantioned the hay. The trainer stood up and led the pair back into the building, where she ran her foot across the hay and revealed the grate in the floor, and beneath the grate, a ten-year-old child sat patiently in the space of an air duct, lookig upward at the three of them.

I've never heard how the story concluded - if the handler made nice to his dog at that moment, if the dog shrugged off the incident in the way good-natured canines, how the pair of them fared on later searches. But the tale in all it's versions is always cautionary, it's warning perpetual: TRUST THE DOG

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doggie comin home!!!!

Well I figured i better get on here and put a post on before Sasha comes home and takes up all my time :) as some of you already know Sasha is coming home tommorow!!! I am super excited! We did some upgrading on the dog pen while all the dogs were gone and are not quite done yet but hoping to be done before tommorow. As some of you may have seen on Facebook I am selling Dusty so if anyone is interested I am selling him for $150.00 I don't want to but Dad said I must and he is my business partner and so yeah I am then going to sell Sasha after she has her puppies (if she's pragnant) I will wait a month or so after she has them so I can spend a little time with her I am going to keep one of her puppies and raise it and train it that part I am looking forward to it is selling my dogs that is going to cause ALOT of tears let's just say that day is not being looked forward to.

I have been busy and not keeping very cool right now it makes me wonder how I ever had time for my dogs but when they come home I will have to arrange my sleeping schedule again to make time I love my dogs and wish I ghad more time with them before I sell them but you never know I may get a better dog after I sell Dusty and Sasha. I am going to replace Dusty as well with a puppy so I will have to train it too (oh where do I get more time)!!

Well I think this is all I have noticed a big difference in my life since they (my dogs) are gone I have grone closer to God I noticed also that my dogs took up so much time I was ignoring god I think that is some of his rsone for putting the dogs somwhere else it has been a growing learning excperience.
~Rose Mary