Thursday, June 9, 2011

my life

Well hello there again!! It is nice that everyone can understand me correctly and hear what I say well you can't hear it but yeah! Today I totally lost my voice so I had to wisper the entire day which was embarrissing because I had to talk to customers and such and I was ther wispering telling them about thier parts and they all looked at me a little strange (oh well guess thats what ya get comin here "strange") anyways there was one guy come in today ironically enough who couldn't talk I guess it was a good dose of reality for me cause here I am wollowing in depression because everyone is talking over me because they can't here me and this guy can't talk at all it just made me glad the my non talking is short term.

Well I got to visit Sasha, Dusty, and Princess yesterday it was lots of fun!!! Last week when I went I gave sasha a bath and then when I went again she stank and felt all icky and I was like I am not using that shampoo again I had bought this shampoo awhile ago that it leaves thier coat feeling awsome and smelling great for about a month but unfortunatly they no longer sell it and where they do sell it it is so exspensive it's not even worth it. I put Sasha and Dusty together and the way they acted I wouldn't be surprised if she goes in heat soon if she does then she will be able to come home once we come home from vacatio.

We are going on vacation not next week but the next we are going to Albert Lee Minnesota I am really excited cause the first week we are going to a show and the second week we are going sight seeing YEAH I need a vacation!! Till next time! ~rose Mary