Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My weekend and Monday and Tuesday :)

Well I hope all of you enjoy the puppy pics below they are of my neighbor's puppy's and they are SO cute they are in a different home now but they are adorable they were eight weeks when these pictures were taken :) as you can tell we had tons of fun with them!!

Well I have been busy as always we had a show this past weekend we were at Rough & Tumble down in Kinzers, PA we were there Friday and Saturday and one of our twin friends stayed at our house Thursday night and Friday night because he had a stand at the same show and he lives about an hour and half away. we did very well at the show but I got out of packing up on saturday night because I went to my cousin Irene's house my parents were going to a friends house for the weekend and I did not want to go along so I went to my cousins house.

We had LOTS of fun my cousin and I :) I will tell you a little about her she is Gorgeous, Funny, Has awsome parents, and awsome brothers (which I claim as my own when I am there :) she has dirty blodish brownish hair, sorry don't know her eye color. Well anyway we went biking on friday night and I went to church with them on Sunday they have the most awsomest church (not kidding) it is small but the people are welcoming and nice they had fellowship dinner (ok I am going to make everyone hungry) we had pork sanwiches, LOTS of different kinds of chips, the BEST potatoe salad in the world, and pickels, and what would a party be without cake and icecream? after we stayed at church and talked with the people awhile we went hiking at 7 crossings with two other couples and my cousin and I and a friend of ours. I did not enjoy the hiking so much because the rock were slippery and I HATE climbing rocks. after we came back from hiking my uncle mad the BEST hamburgers I ever tasted. so that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Well this week started out with a bang early Monday morning dad and I hopped in the truck and went to go pick up a load of tractors. it was VERY hot and we sweated buckets. after we came back we went to Wendy's and got burgers and ice cream (an essential now days) then we came home and pretty much goofed off the rest of the day (oh how nice). Today was busy this morning I tied Princess out and then two neighborhood dogs came out and sniffed her and I am like yup she is in heat so i put her away. dad and I unloaded the trailer then him and his brother went away then mom and I took Princess down to the breeder to get bred hopefully she will be able to come back this week. we went around and stopped at a few places (it took 2 hrs.) then came home and mom and I cleaned the dog barn from top to bottome it is spottless now for the dogs to come home and live in it again I bought fans and things to put out there for when they come home :)!!! oh how I await that day. well we are going away again so ttyl:) ~Rose Mary

puppy pics (2)

puppy pics

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weekend and My dogs :)

Well I have been super duper busy lately (yes I know I say that all the time but it is true) We went away this weekend on business trip and stayed until today and we got home around 9 and then we worked untill 1:00 then we went on another business trip to pick up more tractors it took the rest of the day and on the way home we passed this road side resteraunt that looked like a good place so we stopped we all ordered burgers and one large fry well were we in for a huge surprise and when I say huge I mean huge when we got our food the burger were HUGE we could barely eat them all needles to say id we ever go there again we are going to split burgers :)

Business is picking up around here and we are super busy and so it was nice to get away and relax this weekend I've needed a vacation but it mad the pang of missing Sasha and Dusty even greater cause they were not here to greet me when I got home. We took Princess on a walk we walked about a mile and then we left her run around in the round pen for awhile until the cat came and desturbed her. She was glad to see us when we got home Ruth Ann had taken care of her for me and said she hadent eaten pretty much all week the I went back and visited her and then went back and visited again and her food was all gone I guess she figuered since Sasha wasn't there and her owner wasn't there she miaswell die well hopefully Sasha and Dusty come home soon cause we are all wanting them here again :)
Till Next Time ~Rose Mary~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

cabin 2011

Well I have alot to write about this time because I have some unfinished posts :) Well as some of you know that Sasha and Dusty aren't living here right now because it is show season and we go away alot and I don't want to miss when Sasha goes in heat because I want to have some puppies. I went with Ruth Ann to work and Fannie picked me up from there to take them to their house from there!! I miss them tons but if I get puppies I will be happy :).

On to last weekend I went away with Ivan and Lois and my cousin Irene (pictures shown) we left my place at 3:30 pm to go up to their cabin they picked me up and off we went we went down a ways and stopped at the Turkey Hill and got some food and slushies mmmmmmm then we went about an hour and half then stopped at a Dairy Queen and ate burgers and ice cream they have excellent food :) we drove for awhile then got up to the cabin and warmed the place up and you will never guess what we found in the toilet..................

My cousin and and their friends have a dispute over Fords and Dodges and they teased them by putting a toy dodge in the toilet :) and it was hilarious :)!!!

you kinda have to be there to understand the hilarity of it!!!

After we found the dodge in the toilet we went inside and got blankets and books and sat down stairs till it warmed up and then we all wen to bed! On Saturday morning we got up around 9 ,10 oclock and made breakfast and then we went a little ways away and went shopping at a couple stores I got some things for Ruth Ann and Rachel. After we went shopping we went back to the cabin and I convinced Ivan that I needed some pictures of him and Lois they went down to the pond with me and Irene and I took some pics of him and Lois together and some of them with Irene. Then they went back inside to sleep and Irene and I went and did a photoshoot of her she is very photogenic and gorgeous so it was fun to do! After we were done taking pictures we went back inside and rested and we heard a vehicle come up the driveway and it was their friends Nelson and Noreen and their sons. We talked awhile then went out to the kitchen table and played Uno for a long time until it was time to go eat we went to a place called Burkholder's and they have really good food after we were done eating we went to Nelson's cabin and hung out there made a fire and talked till around 11:00 then we went back to ourcabin and went to bed and the next morning Ivan woke us up by banging on the wall and yelling (very unlike him) then we Lois made a casserole and we went over to Nelson's cabin and ate and then we had church and cleaned up and went outside the boys played frisbee and Irene and I went walking and took more ppictures when we came back we talked more and then we played uno and then ate supper and then cleaned up the cabin and left it was a 2 and half hour prox down here and I slept most of the way!! I had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!! Well till next time :)