Saturday, April 30, 2011

I know I know I am busy :)

Here are some pics I took this weekend w/ the photoshoot of my cousin and the dandelion one's are w/ the photoshoot of Rachel (more pics once they are edited) I know tomorrow I will catch up on all my continued posts till then ~Rose Mary~

Some Pictures!! (again)

Here are some pictures from last weekend I was at the cabin with my aunt and uncle and cousin. We had LOTS of fun :) More story later ................................................. (to be continued)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missing Sasha and Dusty

Well some of you may know that Sasha and Dusty aren't going to be living here for about a month they went down to my aunt's house to be bred and Princess will be going down after Sasha Dusty will be gone for however long it takes to get both of the females done :( oh how I miss them. that is all I gotta go but will tell details later e-mail me if any questions :) Love you guys (dogs and friends)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Run, Run, Run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man

If you read the title you are probably wondering why in the world does she have a fairy tale song well I will explain don't worry. If anyone was up to a marathon you could have come to my house because I had a training session gone wrong :) my two females Sasha and Princess were out and if one is on the leash they will both stay around but if they both are off then wow off they go as I witnessed and about had a heart attack about. I am trying to train them to be off leash and stay around and Sasha is the only one I am having sucess with I call and she comes Princess on the other hand has a mind of her own well I had them out and I told Rachel to leave Princess go and I had Sasha but I wasn't expecting her to pull all of a sudden they ran and ran and ran for about a mile until I saw where they were and by that time mom had caught up with me with the truck and we went where they were loaded them on the truck put them away. I now have sores on my feet because I kicked my shoes off so I could run faster I wasn't worried they wouldn't come back I was more scared they would get hit on the road fortunatly everyone stopped and let the dogs and me cross. well lets just say they will NOT be off the leash anytime soon :) when we got them I cried because I would miss and worry about them sooo much. Well in other news I finally got my dog pen all wired in as some of you may know Ruth Ann's horse no longer lives here she lives down by her friend sharon because Ruth Ann is training some of sharon's horses. so anyways I am now changin the horse pen into a run/pasture for my dogs so they can romp and play I put chicken/barbed wire up so they can't slip in between the boards I finished it the other day but after the dogs were in it I see I have alot more work to do before they can be in it and I may not allow them in for awhile they gave me a big enough scare for a year :) (jk) Well for a change Dusty has been my best behaved dog (but to my females they did not know they did anyhting wrong to them it was natural to run) he hasn't escaped his pen and when I had them in the pasture he didn't even attempt to get out adn he hasn't chewed anything latly for a change. well that is all for now my dogs are safe and sound and uscarred :) Praise the Lord you can't imagine how hard I prayed for them to be safe!!!! ~Rose Mary~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My dogs, and my weekend

Well hello there everyone!!! I have been working on some awsome training techniques (yes I know it has been around for years but they are new for me) I have been training Sasha to run without a leash and when I whistle she comes back when I think she has gone to far ahead she listens very well except when she can't hear (she needs an ear cleaning again). Princess wich is my mom's dog only listens when there is another dog around otherwise you can bank on it that she isn't going to come back. Dusty I don't trust out cause he doesn't come to me yet. As some of you may know I was dealing with tapeworms with Dusty I gave him some medication last week (whenever I buy a new dog I give them the vaccinations they need and deworm them so he had these when he came) and ever since he has been acting as if he is scared of me and thinks I am out to get him. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me I am at the end of my rope with him training wise I can't think of anyhting elese to get him out of his shell. and if you know any way how to train an abused dog I would love to know. My life has been full and fun today we had communion at our church so we got home later than normal and I took a nap and before supper I went out to my dogs and was with them for awhile then I went in and ate supper and called my friend her and I went hiking and drove around a little and then came home and talked!!till next time ~Rose mary~

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today was a very interesting day. Of course we went to church this morning and we came back ate dinner and the some of Ruth Ann and my friends came over to go horsebackriding we had seven of us plus Sharon they all did awsome, it was the first time riding since I was actually really comfortable on the horse it also helps I had an awsome horse (below).

We left our house around 2:30 and got back from riding around 4:00 I had an awsome time would have loved to go at a full gallop but hey we had first timers along and some of them weren't very comfortable on their horse so we took it nice and easy!

Life seems to be flying right along without any break for it's riders to stop and take a breath but life is good and I am enjoying myself so I love it!! Well I don't have alot to say wich is abnormal but I am gonna go and play with my dog :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Life is oh so Good, But Without God it is Boring

Well everyone might think I dropped of the face of the earth , no that did not happen :) I have been extremely busy lately (running like a chicken with it's head chopped off :) First it happened with steel going up to 11 cents a pound and dad wanting to get the dumpster full (we have a steel dumpster where we put our junk from taking tractors apart) so we are tearing TONS of tractors apart lately. And then our neighbors went away so Ruth Ann and I were taking care of thier dogs this week as well. I love life busy because then it is not boring but I like getting a break now and then too. Today I got Sasha out and left her off the leash (she is the only one I let off the leash because she is the only one who listenes enough) she was chasing me around and she LOVES rolling in the grass. I am making great progress with Dusty as some of you know he was abused and he is VERY shy today I tried to groom him because he had mud caked in his fur and since it is too cold to give any of my dogs a bath then I brush it out he about jumped out of his skin when I came close to him with the brush. All my dogs are nice and clean and smell good give them a brushing spritz some deoderizer spray on them and ohhhhhh they smell soooo good. Well that is all for now :) Till Later. ~Rose Mary~