Monday, March 14, 2011

The Nice Day The Dogs Were Out!!

This is the first good picture I ever got of him :)
Sasha givin me a HUGE grin

Princess being her own goofy self :)
Dusty running around burning energy

Sasha looking at the cat teasing her :) seeing if she can pull hard enough to reach it
Princess impatiently waiting till Rachel decides to play with her

Dusty being himself

BIG goofy smile :)
The dogs were outside today since it was extremely nice out they enjoyed themselves this may be the last time I leave them out because thier pens are drying out nicely I may have to put more dirt down and am going to be buying them all bones in the next week so the hole digging stops because it is VERY annoying bringing dirt in every few days because they LOVE digging when they are bored so I have to do something to make them unbored :) Well that is alll for now! Oh and I wanted to thank everyone for making my b-day an awsoem birthday and thanks to all of you who sent me a card it made my day :)
~Rose Mary~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My day

Well I hope this post finds you all well dry and happy!!!! It is very wet here and they have a flood watch in our area so lets pray and hope that it doesn't amount to anything/My dad said that if anymore rain comes down we will have to go out and build and ark! All my dogs are staying inside today witch is totally finw with me bacause I hate the smell of a wet dog:) The chickens also don't like the constant downpour they are staying under the chicken house!With all this rain being cooped up with everyone is driving me crazy because I can't just walk outside and hang out with my dog for awhile to get away from all the raket everyone is making (I live with a VERY loud family I tell my friends if you come to my house your ears will never be the same once you leave) OH HOW I LOVE PEACE AND QUIET :)

well now that you know the weather in our area :) I will tell you what I did yesterday wel as you know my dogs LOVE digging and they had dug TONS of holes and I needed alot of dirt to fill them in. I had hauled a load of dirt earlier but they dug more holes and I did not feel like hauling more dirt so I asked dad to bring more dirt down with the skid loader so I could just put it where I wanted it!! It took awhile to do it but it looks nice!! until next time! ~Rose Mary~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My VERY exciting weekend

Well as some of you know my life has changed this week I turned 15 on Monday it seems hard to imagine next year I am going to be 16!!!Ruth Ann is the sweetest person in the world she got me a book and choclate (my two fav. things after my dogs)!!

Well this weekend Ruth Ann and I stayed home while Rachel went to a friends house and mom and dad went on a second honeymoon. Dad had people calling wanting to stop by and get some parts and he said "yeah that ok" without asking us if we had anything planned needless to say we did.On Friday afternoon we were going to go shopping since Ruth Ann is in chorus she wanted flat shoes and not high heels so we were going to go see if we could find a nice pair well we were about to walk out the door the same time as mom and dad and dad's like where are you guys going? and we said shopping and he's like well you know there are people showing up in 20 min. to pick up parts and wer're like well our plans just got ruined. So we read until 2:00 am after our customer came!!! so needless to say we slept in until 9:30 and then we got up took care of our animals and then we headed of on the venture to find a pair of shoes!!!!!! We first went to all the reuzit stores in Ephrata and found nothing well Ruth Ann didn't anyways we went to this quaint bookstore there and they had all thier Christmas music on 75% off and they had one by Point of Grace (I LOVE thier music) this is the third one I bought this year (and I only paid $3.71)!! Well Saturday night Ruth Ann had a youth thing and mom and dad don't allow only one girl to stay home alone so I wen along and stayed at my friend's house we had fun and I got to know her better :) we went home and read until 1:30 am well sorry to say we were VERY tired the next morning (and still a not doing better went to bed midnight every night this week mom said welcome to the world of being a teenager) We went to church in the morning and came home and were just getting ready to sit down to dinner when mom and dad came home we told them about our EXCITNING WEEKEND!!!!! YEAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Well now that you know what I did this weekend now I will tell you a teensy bit about my dogs (and my b-day) on monday was my birthday (as you know) and my parents let us pick our fav. place to eat and we go there on our birthday well I LOVE Olive Garden and that is where we ate for dinner it was a nice relaxing time and the first time in weeks our family actually got to sit down at the table eat a decent meal without interuptions and talk :) we have been SOOOOO busy lately and not just with the business!

My dogs are all going to get bones today because they dug a hole under the fence that seperates them and were getting together we yesterday since it was supposed to rain (it was 8:30 pm till I was done) I put a wagon load of dirt by my pen and filled in all the holes and bearied cement blocks and this morning I went out and the were already starting to dig again I don't yet know how I am going to deal with it but I think the dog bones will cut down on the rowdiness :) I love them all anyways!!!!! Well gotta run! ~Rose Mary~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Life and thoughts

Well life has been full rewarding and very very busy! I finally am getting some of my schoolwork done I did three exams this week so far :) I finally got over the math part in the course and am now doing health witch isn't much better but something I semi understand.

Well on Monday night the dogs decided to get rowdy and make more work for thier dear owner Sasha learned how to climb over the wall that seperates the dogs inside the pen and got over to Princess's side of the pen and they were playing and going on and in the process pulled the flaps off the door of the pen and dumped the food and water over so needless to say I had soggy food shavings and floor (I put shavings down for bedding) so when I went out to take care of the dogs it suprised me that Sasha did not come out and greet me so when I went in two heads popped up and there was my missing dog :) I decided well ok you guys are not outsmarting me so since Princess did not yet figure out how to jump over the fence I switched her and Sasha because she can't really get good footing over in the other pen so since I switched them they have been staying in thier rightful places!

Well besides all that exciting news I have been busy otherwise as well I have been contemplating wether or not I want to go to college and major in dog training I think it would be a lifetime experience fun and exciting the only prob. is do I have time I am noticing with my schoolwork that I do not have an over abundance of time so I don'tknow that always was one of my dreams was to train dogs either for the fun of it or working dogs such as seeing eye dogs or search and rescue! I love helping people and that would be doing two things at once getting to work with animals I love and helping people wrapped in one!!I am also thinking about going with a program that you go into nursing homes and hospitals and take your dog along I think Sasha would do great with that but I have to wait until I am 16 1/2 till I can join! Another thing would be to go to college for nursing It sounds like fun (alot of hard wok but fun) but I am not shure I have the brains to do that sort of thing.

Well now that I have probably bored you half to death with all that mumbo jumbo I will tell you something funny that happened this morning mom and I were goingt to get water for the dogs and Homer (our neighbor who rents the farm) came up to us and said
"guess what happened yesterday"
I said "what?"
"I became a grandpa again"
"oh wow congrats"
It was just really funny because he came down special to tell us and he had this big goofy grin on his face and if you know Homer it makes it even more special :) anyway it was his oldest daughter Amy who had the baby Amy and her husband now have three little boys witch is fitting because they have a dairy farm so now they have three little farmer :) Well that is all for now!Till next time. ~Rose Mary~