Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Busy Life

Well it is wet and raining here and dad and I are going to go outside and spring clean the barn I have been wanting to do that for awhile now but just have had no motivation I am finally feeling well and have motivation to do alot of things. I cleaned te dog barn yesterday evening wich probably was a waist of time because it is all muddy now that it is raining but I was in the mood and I enjoyed being around my dogs and that is what counted!!

Alot has been happening around here lately We all got sick with the head cold but I think we mostly have it whooped now. I can hardly wait for the warm weather to move in and say bye-bye to cold I don't know about you but I HATE cold weather because first of all then I have no motivation and I can't do anything without freezing my hands And then the dogs water freezes and that always is a pain!!

Ruth Ann isn't home much it seems between running aound and her job I don't see her much and she is my best friend an I am used to seeing her everyday and I miss her alot!WOW it seems that life just keeps moving on and sometimes I wish that it could just stand still because I will be turning 15 next month and I don't know if I am ready for that it is hard for me to fathom that next year at this time I will soon be 16 and running around and driving I told mom the other day lfe is moving on and leaving me behind because I am not ready for this family to change we are all so close and I am afraid that it will change! as you can see I am sentimental and hate change because the farm we are living on now is the one I grew up on and because my grandparents own it we are looking for a place of our own to buy and move that will be really hard for me because I love living here it is nice and quiet and peaceful not to mention gorgeous!!

Well I gotta run! Till next time ~Rose Mary~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Day!!

Ok you are probably wondering why I don't have a picture of my dear doggie friends as my header well I was in the mood for a different picture and couldn't find one I liked so I put my fav. one on here. Well today was apretty exciting day Ruth Ann had off from work so she stayed home and sowed and mom and Rachel did school. Dad and I wen up to Newport Pa (about and hour and half away) we picked up 5 snowblowers sinc there is a huge demad for them. when we got home we spent some time in the shop and got alot of work done out there I guess it is tie to shed my winter laziness and get my summer excitment on because everyone is demanding parts and they want them now I am not complaining mind you because without customers there is no food on the table but also since it is still oh so cold out then my fingers freeze :) and plus I don't get all my schoolwork done!

We finally got all the electric in the dog barn and hooked up it lookes really awsome and actually works :) We had an electrician come in about a week ago and he hooked it up worng so my dad's brother came and looked at it and said that if we would have left it hooked up the way it was then the barn would have burnt down I was really glad that it did not work because if there would be a fire out in the barn the dogs have no way of escape (yes they may just be animals but first of all they are my best buds and I hate the thought of anything or anyone sufering) Well I got some dissapointing news this week that Princess had a false pregnancy so w will not be having any puppies right now now I have to find a stud for Sasha when she is ready to be bred in april or may I am soooooooooooo excited to have puppies I am going to keep a puppy from Sasha's litter and raising and training it and then I unfortunatly (if I don't convince my dad) will have to sell Sasha :( that will be one of the sdest days of my life she is my joy and my first dog and I LOVE her oh well God will help me get throough it like he has with everything else! Well that is all I have for now!!
~Rose Mary

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update on the dearies

Well today was a semi ok day I had to do school in between working with dad and doing dishes :) around 1:30 I went up back to check on something for dad and I saw Dusty running around and I was like whatever and went and saw what was going on I put a chain around his door because the latch islow enough for him to reach and this morning the chain was wet and a little harder to open so I left it off and of course that is the time he gets wise and gets out
:( fortunatly he just went and barked at one of the tractors that was clearing snow and he went right back in his pen without me telling him to but he also knew he was in trouble because he had his tail between his legs and a VERY guitly look on his face all in all I was glad they all were safe and sound:) Well I became wise of Dusty he LOVES to chew and chews the shingles off his dog box and so I got REALLY hot hot sauce and I sprayed it on his box well I learned he lickes it off and still chews well dad said we will get something hotter next time (I have no idea what he has up his sleeve but he usaully has good ideas)!

I took Sasha on another walk today and she kept rolling around and grunting and I knew it was time to groom her again so I went in for supper helped clean up and Ruth Ann and I went outside again ruth ann rode her horse and I groomed Sasha and Princess tomorrow my pig will get groomed (I call Dusty my pig cause he rolls in the dirt like a pig eats like a pig and smells like a pig so he must be related to a pig somehow :) It is soooooo nice having electric in my barn cause I closed the doggy doors and turned on the heat and now they are living in comfort I put more hay in Dusty's house and he LOVES rolling in it!!! Well that is all for now!
~Rose Mary

Snow 2011

Well as you can see Ruth Ann, Rachel, and I were having a ton of fun in the snow!!! and since the driveway was all icy we slid from the top of the hayshed hill down to the house witch was alot of fun weeving in and out:) Rachel eventually got the hang of it and went all by herself and did an excellent job of steering her own sled!! Ruth Ann and I laughed so hard sometimes we fell off :)
I have had a very busy week and weekend! I had alot of fun we actually got to go outside and tear a tractor apart it was nice to get out and use the tools and feel the air of actually doing something once again I love winter because we get to relax a little more because in the summer I get up at 6 and go to bed around 10 to 10:30 so it is a nice break but I love working too!!! My dear friend and cousin lso came this weekend we had a ton of fun (and laughs) we took some pics and looked at books and attempted to go sledding and played with Sasha my dear dog!!
Unfortunatly moms dog Princess may not be pregnant it most likely was a false pregnancy and it is a disapointment because I was so excited to have puppies this winter we most likely will have puppies in the spring so that is something to look forward to (hopefully April May sometime) so if you know anyone who wants a puppy let me know!!
~Rose Mary