Monday, January 17, 2011

My weekend

Well this is me after the weekends tired lazy and don't feel like doing anything!! (which encludes NOT doing school) On Saturday night dad figured he HAD to go away so him and mom and Rachel went to a motel for the night and Ruth Ann and I had the house to ourselves Ruth Ann did not feel well so she stayed home for the evening! I read my book for the entire evening until 1:00am hoping to get it done unfortunatly I didn't. On Sunday Ruth Ann said she still was not feeling well and was not going to church so I called my aunt and uncle and asked if I could go along with them and they said shure but then called me back and said they forgot to tell me they were going away fo dinner and would not be coming home right away so I called my grandparents and asked them if they were coming home directly after church and she said no they weren't they were going away for dinner too so I decided I would go with them and I was really glad i did we had a ton of fun!! There were three preachers from our church my aunt and uncle and a couple from our church it was a really fun afternoon with us women playing shuffleboard it was alot of fun and laughfter the men came down and said they heard all the wooping and hollering and were wondering what was going on and one of the preachers litle girl came arounf and was hugging everyone before they left! After the last game we decided to leave and once I got home I took a nap the rest of the day!! (except for supper and to take care of my precious dogs) We are expecting puppies this week!!!!!!!!!!! (if Princess is pregnant) Yeah well talk to you soon!~Rose Mary~

Friday, January 14, 2011

Working with Dusty

Well In know I already wrote a fare amount today but I just came in from working with Dusty and I figured that I would update all of you on what I have been doing with him! Well since he is big and strong and he decided that he has to pull me wherever he goes well since it is icy and slipperey he has that unfortunate advantage. Well today he could't pull me (I must have built muscle since the last time=) anyways he was not impressed and I had Sasha out with him and he was not behaving and trying to take advantage of me so I put Sasha away and we went around for a bit (unfortunatly they don't learn what you are trying to teach them in a ccouple of minutes) he finally learned I am in charge. Sasha and I had a wonderful time rolling in the snow (yes I rolled with her) it was wet and really much fun!! Well this is my dog and I's Life!!!


Hi!!! well alot has been going on around our house lately my cousin reminded me that I haven't put a post on here lately so I decided I needed to update you on my life!!!! Well this year started out awsome with an entire week of staying up late reunions with family and stuffing myself with wonderful delicous food (yes but I lost all the weight again=) on Saturday my family (Ruth Ann did not go along) went to a friend of ours for dinner and then Sunday we went to my mom's family for supper and dinner!! We had a wonderful day of playing valloeyball and soccer needless to say I was very sore afterwards! Then on Monday our entire family went to the farm show we had a blast unfortunatly there was no horse things going on for Ruth Ann to watch so we just went through the flee market! I found some awsome finds a new leather (bright green) wallet for $5 and some awsome dog books that I need to have for Dusty for only $8 when normally they are $20 Tuesday, Wednesday I had to work on school and then on Thursday Dad, Ruth Ann, and I all went to the farm show again because Ruth Ann wanted to see the horse things they had going and dad had some friends there he wanted to see! All in all the new year has been extremely busy but awsomely fun!!

I have been working with Dusty getting him from being plastered against the fence to actuslly coming to me when I call him! It was amazing what I used to get him to come to me since he did not pay any attention to treats I saw he was paying attention to the kitty and NOT me so I went and got the kitty and brought it in (no I did NOT let him hurt my dear kitty friend) and he actually came close enough for me to touch him and of course when I had him in my reach and then Ruth Ann (who was riding her horse) yelled and said HELP HELP so I quickly went out and she had fallen off her horse on her knee (and of course it was ALL my fault) so now she is walking with a limp (and she said I am an accident waiting to happen) (I told her she should be wrapped in bubble wrap) So anyways that is what I am working on with Dusty and he is making great progress but I read in a book that it said this shyness will go with him his entire life.
Have a wonderful new year and since I did not get it said before!!
-rose mary