Saturday, December 24, 2011


well I am back amazingly enough I have some pics I wanted to share with you but my computer won't alow me to upload so you can go to FB where i uploaded you don't have to log in to look :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well hello there people who read my blog wich I rarley update :) Well it has been a very interesting month! Sasha was sold Matilda is being calmed (or in my words trained) she is very hyper and LOVES to bite ugh! We killed 7 mice and one more ornery little thing to go! Princess will hopefully go in heat soo and we may have more bundles of joy in the spring! I finally got done with school and am now waiting for my diploma!
Well about two weeks ago my neighbors decided to go away and asked me if I would take care of thier dogs and I said I would well it was alot of fun she has two litters of puppies and five grown dogs she has two Golden Retrievers and 3 labs she just put one of her females down not long ago so she has one less dog. well I had fun feeding watering and playing with all of them!!!!
I love this winterly weather I get to go on walks morning and evening now since the fields no longer have corn or any other crop in :) I love it but the other day Matilda were walking down the field land and she got against some bushes and I didn't think anything about it until she started walking funny and sitting down and itching and going on so I looked and she had some of those little round prickly things caught in her coat well I carried her home (witch I won't be able to do soon) and cut them out (with Ruth Ann holding her down) well she is all better now!!!!
Well I gotta go I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't "see" you till then!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Missing Sasha and everything else that has happened recently

Right now I am missing Sasha lately I don't know what is about me right now but I called her "parents" tonight and they said that she has overtaken the couch and that they love her dearly I am so glad she went to a good home and that they love her but I still wish she was here.

Well enough with crying my blues LOL Matilda is doing awsome and is learning to sit but getting distracted is a problem :) but she knows her name and when I open the door she stays unless I tell her that she may go! And when we are on a walk she comes when I say come and she does very well off the leash as well unless she sees a cat or a chicken she LOVES chasing chickens.

I got my braces off for all of you that are interested to know I am SO happy to have them off. the orthodontics people showed me the pics of before I even had my braces on and they looked absoluply terrible. I had my braces on for four years I could'nt believe I had them on for THAT long.

We are having dog problems here right now I just found out that Princess has ringworm and we have to bathe her for six weeks once a week and dive her meds every day once a day that is ok the worst part for her is that she can't be walked right now during this period of time and she is going stir crazy. I don't know if all of you heard but we finally sold all the puppies!

I think we pretty well have the mouse thing kicked out in the barn we just killed another one on Sunday Oh I will be so glad not to have mice terds everywhere it is getting really annoying. the other day I had left mr coat out in the dog barn and then later I went out and was out for awhile and then put it on to go in well here I felt something strange in the sleeve and then I realized that it was a mouse and I was there jumping up and down screaming (by the way my family said they would have paid to see this LOL) and I hurridly took the coat off and carried it (at arm's lenght) into the house (see why I am ready to get rid of them?)

Well that is pretty much it for now! Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sasha Matilda and I

Today we had a photoshoot with me and Sasha and Matilda!!!

shows mother and daughter perfectly :)

This one got good!

Dear Sasha why did you have to ruin a good piture :)


I LOve this picture it shows Matilda's good side

this is how it should be dog looking up to mommy :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My puppies!

It has been along time since I have written on here so I decided it was time again it is hard to believe that it is October already and the puppies will be sold in the last week of this month and Sasha will be sold this month as well :( I love my puppy that I picked out but I think I will miss Sasha too I was just thinking about it the other day that Sasha is trained the way I like her she walks right beside me on walks and she obeys very well (never did get the sit and stay thing down though) but this way the puppy I can train the way I want her there is pros and cons to each sittuation but I think I will be ok!!!!

here are some pics (they grew alot since I put the last pictures on)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A very sad anniversary.

Well today is the 10th anniversary for the twin towers. Best wishes and prayers to all those who lost thier lives and the families they left behind.

Puppies :)

Here are some pictures of Sasha and her puppies here they are 1 day old. Tommorow September 12,2011 they will be two weeks old!

water and puppies (no they don't mix well do they)

Well I have been having an amazing (sometimes) but busy life. I don't know where to start so I guess I'll start with all the rain we've been having we got about 12 inches here fortunatly our sump pump down by our house kept running so we didn't get much water but Grandma and Grandpa now that was another story thier house doesn't have a sump pump because they never had high water so anyways they are away and they called us and asked us to go check on thier basement I went up and looked and it had about a ft and half in it. Well dad had bought and extra sump pump when hurricane Irene came so we took that sump pump up to thier house and started pumping well this went on for probably 6 or so hours and the water kept rising (I could have went swiming but the water was really gross) it got up to about three and half feet of water and finally my uncle called dad and said he would bring his extra sump pump and hose along well once they got here and put thier pump in it held the water level from rising but it didn't go down so they called some guys who have a manure pump to come pump it out they took all but a couple inches out then they had to leave because the Ephrata Business center had about 11ft of water in it and they had to go help pump it so we put our sump pumps back in again and all went to bed. Well the next morning the water had risen again to about a foot and half but by the end of the day the sun was out and it only had about two inches anymore so we were all thankful it didn't get worse some people had it alot worse than we did.

Well two weeks ago tommorow I had five little bundles if joy join my dog kingdom (you guessed it) Sasha had her puppies and what cuttie pies they are they are starting to open thier eyes and venture about now so it is getting to the fun (and more work but who says life is a party 24/7) stage now. It was so funny I was out checking them this afternoon and one little pup was trying to use his legs well he got so far and crumpled he gave out a little yelp and tried it again well he only got a little ways and crumpled again and just gave a huge sigh and gave up it was soooo cute to watch. I don't know if some of you heard but dear Sasha had to have
c-section to have these puppies well on Sunday night her water broke and normally two hours after thier water breaks there comes a puppy well I was out there all sunday night and come monday morning still no puppy and sasha didn't move or anything so I called the vet and he said to bring her in so we took her in and they took and x-ray and her a puppy was laying right across the birthing canal so the vet said to do a c-section well I told him if they were going to open her up anyways to spay her right away so that what they did. I have mixed feelings right now I am overjoyed about the puppies but every week that goes by means it is getting closer and closer to the time I have to get rid of Sasha once the pups are five weeks old I ween them then Sasha leaves then three more week then all but one of them leaves I know I will get through it but it's gonna be tough but God didn't promise an easy road just to help us along when it gets tough :). Oh and by the way Sasha has one male and four female so if you know anyone who is interested in a puppie let me know they are Golden Retrievers and I am going to keep one so I am only selling four of them. My phone number is 717-587-3727!

Well I think that's all for now !!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ocean City, New Jersey...August 8-12 2011!!

I am not quite shure where to begin I have been overly busy the past couple of weeks (or should I say months) well first of all I guess I will start out Sasha and Princess are for shore pregnant :) Sasha is due next week and she is getting big and fat :) SO EXCITED FOR PUPPIES :).

Last week we were in Ocean City New Jersey from Monday - Friday we had an awsome time there when we first got there we unloaded the truck then Ruth Ann and I went and got some Arizona tea (mmmmmmmmmm) and sunglasses (a nessesity) and we just walked along the boardwalk to see what they all had. We went back then and made hotdogs for supper then after we ate we all got into our bathing suits and went out onto the beach and went wading/swimming for a good hour :) then we went back and hung out in the motel!

We got up and made omlets for breakfast and then got into our swim suits and headed to the beach for the day!! We got out to the beach grabbed an umberella and some chairs set up and went into the water the water was very refreshing and salty but I didn't mind I loved every minute we spent about four hourse out in the water then around 2, 2:30 we went on the boardwalk and found a little pizza shop and ate supper then Ruth Ann and I went browsing and found a neat little bookstore and spent quite a bit of time in there browsing around Ruth Ann bought a book so she would have one to read on the beach! After that I spotted a dog shop and I went in intending to buy something but everything was three time the regular price I was like "no way" I was not gonna pay that much when I could get it for less at home.

In the morning we fried some potatoes and made some eggs for breakfast with our stomaches full and Lots of sunscreen we headed out to the beach once again (now you understand ech day we didn't get out to the beach till 9:30 , 10:00) we got some chairs and an umberella and set up and went into the water (I know same old same old but it was FUN) that day we were out about five hours then Ruth Ann and I went browsing (AGAIN, yes) and I found this mosta adorable little stuffed animal dog and it was so comfy I had to have it (common thing I know) so I bought it then we saw this quaint little coffee shop and stopped in to get some coffe (go figure :) and while we were in there it started pouring down rain well Ruth Ann and I got soaked coming back but we had fun anyway!!!!

Thursday: (our last day going into the water)
Well that day we got up and made the same breakfast (refer to: Wednesday) and got in our swimsuits ( you guessed it) got chairs and an umberella and headed to the water the funny tthing was the day before we had met a family who had a Rachel who was the same age same height same color hair and same swimsuit on well on Thursday we hung out with them most of the day we set up beside thaem so the two Rachels could play. I had an awsome time talking to Denise (Rachel's mom) and to her mom and her sister (Denise's) we disscussed pretty much everything under the sun :) (Litterally) that day we stayed out on the beach for about 5 hours athen we got coffee and went to our motel and hung out :).

Friday: (time to leave :(
Today was packing and getting ready to leave we got up around 8:30 and started packing we were packed and ready to go by 10:30 we left and we decided to eat at the Olive Garden in Lancaster and it took about three hourse to get there and then about an hour there we got home around 5:00 then we unpacked and then we got three customers then my friend Emily came over and we talked for about an hour and half then we went out to eat and then I spent time with my dogs for about and hour then I went to bed!! Had an AWSOME time on vacation!

Friday, July 29, 2011

We will Never Forget

Those of you who know me know I would love to get into search and rescue well as I was researching what all goes into it of course I came across the details of the twin towers and I was reading an article about it and being this is the tenth year there are signs all over saying......
well last year I had the privilage of being in New York city last year on sept. 11th and amazingly the city was not at all crowded but I will not be going back on the 11th this year beings it is the 10th anniversary a sad one though it may be. So here is a pick.

Hope you like this one it is my all time favorite I just love the way the sun is between the towers and I want to thank all the firefighters and search and rescue teams and of course all the dogs who served and everyone else as well.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

(I do not own anything on this picture it is the Natioanl search and rescue's)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well today was a bittersweet day I had advertised Dusty in the local newspaper and also on craigslist well today I got a call and a guy wanted to come and look at him and he came to look at him today and he bought him I got more for him than expected but the money does not mean a thing I miss him more than what I thought I would.

Well I don't know if I mentioned it but we did some renovating to the dog barn the outside we moved the barn leveled it out and put stones underneath then put it back jacked it up and cut rubber and laid it down. well the rubber was supposed to prevent digging and stink well it took care of the stink but it did NOT take care of the digging I have had to fix it TWICE now well I don't think she will do it again because I put plenty of cement blocks along there now so hopefully no more digging.

Sasha is doing very well in the training area she now stays when I tell her to so I can open the door of her pen and let her stay and I can work in there as long as I want and she will sit but as soon as you tell her ok, girl run off she is when she is outside without her leash she makes a little U turn and comes back the only thing she will not obey in is when she sees a cat off she goes but once she can't chase it anymore she comes back I am very proud of her.

Princess is my naughty one sees what she can get away with she is the one doing all the digging right now I am training her to heel which means she walks right beside and when I stop she sits down and waits until I say ok it's time to go she walks beside me again. Well so far the stopping and sitting we are doing excellent but walking beside OH MY that is like against her list of laws :) but all in all she is a good dog too. LOVE EM ALL

Well yesterday morning I got a call from my grandma and she said she had a litter of kittens with thier mommy under a bush in her flowerbed well I took them down and down on the porch was the other pregnant cat having her babies so now we have two litters of kitties so if anyone wants a kitten let us know :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trust the Dog!!

taken from Scent of the Missing........................................................

There's a story told about an experienced handler working a training scenario with a young dog who'd just begun to learn to search. The threestory warehouse where they sought a single wolunteer victim was an ideal training enviroment: full of stacked crates, landscaping tools, out-of-season holiday decorations, window cleaning equipment, discarded office furniture, and the occasional makeshift bed for a homeless person who'd snuck in. The lighting was poor. there were dark stairwells and disused elevator shafts, strange air currents and dead corners where scent hung motionless. The building challenged even experienced teams. But this dog was keen, and this handler wanted to give the building a try.

Working from the almost empty ground floor up, the two swept the entire warehouse, and the Australian Cattle dog pup hesitated in only one spot - a patch of cement strewn with moldy remains of halloween hay. He worried at the hay a little before the handler directed him away and upward to the second floor. From there they worked slowly through the still air, threading thier way between the corridors of outcast computer desks and finfing nothing. Up to the third floor, even more congested and dusty, peppered with pigeon feathers and owl droppings. They worked the room edges, the corners, and made back-and-forth sweeps across the middle of it through debris. The dog showed no interest at all. Knowing they had one planted victim, the handler reversed the search and again swept the third floor. Nothing. Second floor. Nothing still. Losing faith in the dog due to it's youth and relative inexperience, the handler began opening crates and tilting boxes over, hoping either to find the victim himself or to stir the air enough to shake loose a significant scent. The dog did not respond. In frustration, the handler took the dog back to the first floor and moved back to the flat scatter of hay, and the handler called him away from it twice, directing the dog to the edges of the elevator door.

The story goes that the dog now had enough, ignored the handler and marched past him, oblivious to further commands, trotting out of the building straight to the head trainer and plopping down in her lap. The trainer says that when the handler came out, his face flushed with anger, the dog turned away. She says the dog too looked disgusted, like "ain't HE a piece of work?"

After a few moments' debrief, the trainer asked if the dog had shown any interest in anything in the buiding at all. The handler dismissivley mantioned the hay. The trainer stood up and led the pair back into the building, where she ran her foot across the hay and revealed the grate in the floor, and beneath the grate, a ten-year-old child sat patiently in the space of an air duct, lookig upward at the three of them.

I've never heard how the story concluded - if the handler made nice to his dog at that moment, if the dog shrugged off the incident in the way good-natured canines, how the pair of them fared on later searches. But the tale in all it's versions is always cautionary, it's warning perpetual: TRUST THE DOG

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doggie comin home!!!!

Well I figured i better get on here and put a post on before Sasha comes home and takes up all my time :) as some of you already know Sasha is coming home tommorow!!! I am super excited! We did some upgrading on the dog pen while all the dogs were gone and are not quite done yet but hoping to be done before tommorow. As some of you may have seen on Facebook I am selling Dusty so if anyone is interested I am selling him for $150.00 I don't want to but Dad said I must and he is my business partner and so yeah I am then going to sell Sasha after she has her puppies (if she's pragnant) I will wait a month or so after she has them so I can spend a little time with her I am going to keep one of her puppies and raise it and train it that part I am looking forward to it is selling my dogs that is going to cause ALOT of tears let's just say that day is not being looked forward to.

I have been busy and not keeping very cool right now it makes me wonder how I ever had time for my dogs but when they come home I will have to arrange my sleeping schedule again to make time I love my dogs and wish I ghad more time with them before I sell them but you never know I may get a better dog after I sell Dusty and Sasha. I am going to replace Dusty as well with a puppy so I will have to train it too (oh where do I get more time)!!

Well I think this is all I have noticed a big difference in my life since they (my dogs) are gone I have grone closer to God I noticed also that my dogs took up so much time I was ignoring god I think that is some of his rsone for putting the dogs somwhere else it has been a growing learning excperience.
~Rose Mary

Thursday, June 9, 2011

my life

Well hello there again!! It is nice that everyone can understand me correctly and hear what I say well you can't hear it but yeah! Today I totally lost my voice so I had to wisper the entire day which was embarrissing because I had to talk to customers and such and I was ther wispering telling them about thier parts and they all looked at me a little strange (oh well guess thats what ya get comin here "strange") anyways there was one guy come in today ironically enough who couldn't talk I guess it was a good dose of reality for me cause here I am wollowing in depression because everyone is talking over me because they can't here me and this guy can't talk at all it just made me glad the my non talking is short term.

Well I got to visit Sasha, Dusty, and Princess yesterday it was lots of fun!!! Last week when I went I gave sasha a bath and then when I went again she stank and felt all icky and I was like I am not using that shampoo again I had bought this shampoo awhile ago that it leaves thier coat feeling awsome and smelling great for about a month but unfortunatly they no longer sell it and where they do sell it it is so exspensive it's not even worth it. I put Sasha and Dusty together and the way they acted I wouldn't be surprised if she goes in heat soon if she does then she will be able to come home once we come home from vacatio.

We are going on vacation not next week but the next we are going to Albert Lee Minnesota I am really excited cause the first week we are going to a show and the second week we are going sight seeing YEAH I need a vacation!! Till next time! ~rose Mary

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My weekend and Monday and Tuesday :)

Well I hope all of you enjoy the puppy pics below they are of my neighbor's puppy's and they are SO cute they are in a different home now but they are adorable they were eight weeks when these pictures were taken :) as you can tell we had tons of fun with them!!

Well I have been busy as always we had a show this past weekend we were at Rough & Tumble down in Kinzers, PA we were there Friday and Saturday and one of our twin friends stayed at our house Thursday night and Friday night because he had a stand at the same show and he lives about an hour and half away. we did very well at the show but I got out of packing up on saturday night because I went to my cousin Irene's house my parents were going to a friends house for the weekend and I did not want to go along so I went to my cousins house.

We had LOTS of fun my cousin and I :) I will tell you a little about her she is Gorgeous, Funny, Has awsome parents, and awsome brothers (which I claim as my own when I am there :) she has dirty blodish brownish hair, sorry don't know her eye color. Well anyway we went biking on friday night and I went to church with them on Sunday they have the most awsomest church (not kidding) it is small but the people are welcoming and nice they had fellowship dinner (ok I am going to make everyone hungry) we had pork sanwiches, LOTS of different kinds of chips, the BEST potatoe salad in the world, and pickels, and what would a party be without cake and icecream? after we stayed at church and talked with the people awhile we went hiking at 7 crossings with two other couples and my cousin and I and a friend of ours. I did not enjoy the hiking so much because the rock were slippery and I HATE climbing rocks. after we came back from hiking my uncle mad the BEST hamburgers I ever tasted. so that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Well this week started out with a bang early Monday morning dad and I hopped in the truck and went to go pick up a load of tractors. it was VERY hot and we sweated buckets. after we came back we went to Wendy's and got burgers and ice cream (an essential now days) then we came home and pretty much goofed off the rest of the day (oh how nice). Today was busy this morning I tied Princess out and then two neighborhood dogs came out and sniffed her and I am like yup she is in heat so i put her away. dad and I unloaded the trailer then him and his brother went away then mom and I took Princess down to the breeder to get bred hopefully she will be able to come back this week. we went around and stopped at a few places (it took 2 hrs.) then came home and mom and I cleaned the dog barn from top to bottome it is spottless now for the dogs to come home and live in it again I bought fans and things to put out there for when they come home :)!!! oh how I await that day. well we are going away again so ttyl:) ~Rose Mary

puppy pics (2)

puppy pics

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Weekend and My dogs :)

Well I have been super duper busy lately (yes I know I say that all the time but it is true) We went away this weekend on business trip and stayed until today and we got home around 9 and then we worked untill 1:00 then we went on another business trip to pick up more tractors it took the rest of the day and on the way home we passed this road side resteraunt that looked like a good place so we stopped we all ordered burgers and one large fry well were we in for a huge surprise and when I say huge I mean huge when we got our food the burger were HUGE we could barely eat them all needles to say id we ever go there again we are going to split burgers :)

Business is picking up around here and we are super busy and so it was nice to get away and relax this weekend I've needed a vacation but it mad the pang of missing Sasha and Dusty even greater cause they were not here to greet me when I got home. We took Princess on a walk we walked about a mile and then we left her run around in the round pen for awhile until the cat came and desturbed her. She was glad to see us when we got home Ruth Ann had taken care of her for me and said she hadent eaten pretty much all week the I went back and visited her and then went back and visited again and her food was all gone I guess she figuered since Sasha wasn't there and her owner wasn't there she miaswell die well hopefully Sasha and Dusty come home soon cause we are all wanting them here again :)
Till Next Time ~Rose Mary~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

cabin 2011

Well I have alot to write about this time because I have some unfinished posts :) Well as some of you know that Sasha and Dusty aren't living here right now because it is show season and we go away alot and I don't want to miss when Sasha goes in heat because I want to have some puppies. I went with Ruth Ann to work and Fannie picked me up from there to take them to their house from there!! I miss them tons but if I get puppies I will be happy :).

On to last weekend I went away with Ivan and Lois and my cousin Irene (pictures shown) we left my place at 3:30 pm to go up to their cabin they picked me up and off we went we went down a ways and stopped at the Turkey Hill and got some food and slushies mmmmmmm then we went about an hour and half then stopped at a Dairy Queen and ate burgers and ice cream they have excellent food :) we drove for awhile then got up to the cabin and warmed the place up and you will never guess what we found in the toilet..................

My cousin and and their friends have a dispute over Fords and Dodges and they teased them by putting a toy dodge in the toilet :) and it was hilarious :)!!!

you kinda have to be there to understand the hilarity of it!!!

After we found the dodge in the toilet we went inside and got blankets and books and sat down stairs till it warmed up and then we all wen to bed! On Saturday morning we got up around 9 ,10 oclock and made breakfast and then we went a little ways away and went shopping at a couple stores I got some things for Ruth Ann and Rachel. After we went shopping we went back to the cabin and I convinced Ivan that I needed some pictures of him and Lois they went down to the pond with me and Irene and I took some pics of him and Lois together and some of them with Irene. Then they went back inside to sleep and Irene and I went and did a photoshoot of her she is very photogenic and gorgeous so it was fun to do! After we were done taking pictures we went back inside and rested and we heard a vehicle come up the driveway and it was their friends Nelson and Noreen and their sons. We talked awhile then went out to the kitchen table and played Uno for a long time until it was time to go eat we went to a place called Burkholder's and they have really good food after we were done eating we went to Nelson's cabin and hung out there made a fire and talked till around 11:00 then we went back to ourcabin and went to bed and the next morning Ivan woke us up by banging on the wall and yelling (very unlike him) then we Lois made a casserole and we went over to Nelson's cabin and ate and then we had church and cleaned up and went outside the boys played frisbee and Irene and I went walking and took more ppictures when we came back we talked more and then we played uno and then ate supper and then cleaned up the cabin and left it was a 2 and half hour prox down here and I slept most of the way!! I had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!! Well till next time :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I know I know I am busy :)

Here are some pics I took this weekend w/ the photoshoot of my cousin and the dandelion one's are w/ the photoshoot of Rachel (more pics once they are edited) I know tomorrow I will catch up on all my continued posts till then ~Rose Mary~

Some Pictures!! (again)

Here are some pictures from last weekend I was at the cabin with my aunt and uncle and cousin. We had LOTS of fun :) More story later ................................................. (to be continued)