Tuesday, December 7, 2010


WELL since we have stud service here on the farm (Since Dusty came) we have had two visiting females (Princess and Jacky) this past weekend and Dusty was lovin it. The two females are going to leave today and Sasha will be happy about that because she LOVES living by herself. It will be a relief to only have two dogs to take care of instead of four because it is sooooooo much easier it only take 1/2 an hour instead of an hour and 1/2! Well Puff (the kitty) was not quite shure what to make of having three Sasha's on the farm (the females look like Sasha :) so needless to say she lived in Dusty's dog box (wich was vacant) :) well now Sasha will get her daily walk in every morning instead of evening! And Dusty will hopefully get some walks now as well ! He does alot better on the leash than what Sasha does but that is ok! Ruth Ann said she likes Dusty better! I told her I was offended for her (sasha). Well we celebrated two b-days on December 4th Ruth Ann (human) turned 17 and Sasha (dog) turned 5 I told Ruth Ann that she shares a b-day with Sasha she said "how impressive" (sarcastically) Well I gotta run I got TONS of work that needs to get done and Ruth Ann is home today so maybe she will be willing to lend a hand to her dear sister :)