Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We are making progress Dusty will now actually come out of his box on his own! The only problem is he'll go right back in as soon as he sees me :( We are now working on him coming to me! I can tell he wants to but he just won't. We are also working on fatning him up I am feeding him bacon treats once a day! He is doing wonderfully!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dusty and Sasha Update

Wow today was an awsome day after we came home from church and we ate Ruth Ann and I went outside and since Dusty is sooooo scared of people and so shy he wouldn't come out of his box without some coaxing so I figured if he saw Sasha he would come out of hi box I brought Sasha down and Ruth Ann hooked Dusty on the leash and then I took Sasha back and then came front and Dusty was ver wary of me. Well when I went to touch him he coward to the ground I gently petted him letting him know that my touch is ok and I won't ever try to hurt him (how somoene can beat a wonderful dog is beyond me) anyways I took him up to the field to see if he would he would be ok walking across the corn fodder he did better than what I thought he would and by the time we were almost at the end of our walk he touch his nose very hesitantly to the ground! After we came back to the farm I took him into the shed that had no lights on (When I took Sasha in there she was so scared I had to coax her) Dusty ont hte other hand walked right in! He suprises me and frustrates me every step of the way! we made headway today but we still have a Loooooooooooooooong way to go before he trusts me completely.

Sasha is doing wonderfly and loves having a companion here on the farm she loves her new shed and rolling in the shavings I will hopefully post pics soon! Well I gotta run.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

today we went shopping and we got some awsome stuff (considering I hate shopping) Well hopefully we get the inside of my shed done soon due to the fact it is soon winter and it is cold out!! I will post pics and more comments soon!
-Rose Mary
P.S. I hopefully will be getting Dusty soon!