Sunday, September 26, 2010


got this in an e-mail had to share it!!!!!

Say cheese :)

I was at my cousin Irene's house a week ago here are some of the pics we took!

We go a'walkin

Sasha, Curly (horse), Ruth Ann(Sister #1), Me, and Rachel (sister #2) all went running (Sasha and me + Rachel) or trotting (Curly) and riding (Ruth Ann) in the field today it was a ton of fun us 3 sisters being together we have not done that in what seems like forever!! Today was an awsome day My cousin got baptized and we went to thier church and had fellowship dinner there and it was nice to see all my Zook cousins again!! Well that is all for now!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giddyup (or I'll kick harder)

Today we went horseback riding it was awsome!!!! We went for about an hour and 1/2 it was a very nice stretch of land!! I had a horse named Ebony (we had her here on the farm about 2 weeks ago) She was a great horse and alot of fun to ride!!! we took our cousins along and thier two horse (thier one horse is borded at the stable where we wnt riding) (Ruth Ann is training thier horses for them) I had one of my cousins riding with me!! we went through some steep piece of land and the horses did really well~ coming back down was not near as hard!! Needless to say I am VERY sore!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

October (oh no WINTER)

Can you believ that it is almost the end of the month and today I have Sasha three months (she is going to get a treat!!) I am going to have to do something nice for her birthday wich is coming up here very soon in December she is going to be turning five (which is 37 in dog yrs.) so she is getting up there in age but she shure does not act like it when we are on walks she goes and goes and drags me along but we are both staying skinny and healthy that way :)

Bunny Trail:
Did you ever hear tell of the lady who had a dog and she decided she wanted to lose weight and so she took the dog on a walk and the dog lost 10lbs. and she lost none!!!!
well gotta run!!!

New York (here we come)

Well Sasha is doing awsome and I love her more each day!! she finally is gaining some weight wich is good cause she was terribly skinny when I got her!!

About two weeks ago (on saturday) I was at the bowery mission it was an awsome day I went up with our church (I was wishing I had my camera) we were going to the bowery mission we arrived in the city around 10:30 we got off the bus and went directly to the ferry we got on and we started singing but the ferry was terribly empty we were on the ferry for about half hour then we stopped and everyone has to get off the we got right back on again and sang the whole way back again!! on the ride we saw the statue of liberty
It was awsome we were in the city on the anniversary of 9/11 and we went right past where it happened!
After the ferry we got on the bus again got our lunches and went into battery park and ate our lunch and all the boys were feeding the birds and one of the girls was grossing out that this was the most disgusting sight!! After luch we got on the bus and headed to the bowery mission and it was awsome the preacher that came with us had the message and then all of us got up front and sang for about an hour!! when we were done at the bowery it was 4:30 the we got on the rd to go home again we drove about an hour and half and stopped to eat at mcdonalds! we got back to the church around 8:00 it was an awsome day I slept over at my one friends house cause I went with thier family cause my family was busy!! I had tons of fun!!