Saturday, August 21, 2010

I know she is SOOOO cute (and a good poser

Here are some pictures of Sasha and Me!!!!

Wow this week was a very hectic week we had a show all week except for Monday and tuesday the show was at Rough and Tumble we had a very eventful time and it was alot of fun!! We packed up early today cause they started the tractor pull and everyone wanted to look at that so it was dead we packed up went home and went to go eat!!

After we came back I cleaned up my room and then went and gave my precous dog Sasha a bath she loved it!! me and her got equally wet wich was awsome cause it was very warm!! I dried her off with a towel and then took her on a little run to dry her off the Rachel asked if she could walk her!! Wel all in all it was an awsome week.