Saturday, July 31, 2010

today was an awsome day I gave my wonderful dog sasha a bath!! she loved it at first but once she was done SHE WAS DONE when she shakes herself wtch out I got SOAKED!!!! but i loved it and I think that she did too!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well today was a very exciting day we got Sasha all settled in her new pen we went to the local hardware store and bought one this morning cheap cause it was there last one and they wanted to get rid of it!! sasha loves it hopefully tomorrow I will post some pictures of it!! well I gotta get up tomorrow at 6:00 so I better be hipitty hoppiting up the haystack!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well we got home and I went out to sasha but I saw her coming to me apparently she chewed through her rope I had her tied to and got loose she must have been loose for a long while because she had brier thingers in her hair unfortunatly I had to cut it out. tomorrow we hopefully will put a door on her fence and hopefully get her a building to be comfy in!!!
I will hopefully put new pics of my beautiful darling on tomorrow!!

We were at my cousins house that live in Gettysburg today it was tons of fun seeing all my cousins again I get to see the one family about twice a year so it is nice to see them whenever we get a chance!! Thay moved so it was awsome seeing thier new place!!! It rained alot so we were inside most of the day but we still had tons of fun!! Well I will update later!!
-Rose Mary

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am having an awsome time with my wonderful dog she is awsome!!!! But very hot she has LONG and shedding hair!! Well she is also stubborn we we're on a walk and she stopped and I tried to get her to go again but ha that was NOT going to happen but then i saw what she was looking at and it was a rabbit but there was one problem it was across the road I was like please don't chase it and she decided it was ok to walk again (what a relief that was) :)!!!! well we are about to leave to go to a family reunion!!!!

Well I got my dog Sasha today here are some pictures!!!!
Well we just got back from Selinsgrove today at 12:00 we were there for the weekend to help our twin friends clean out a house they bought and it needed gutted cause the let the dogs and cats (go) on the floor and let's just say it was totally gross the back porch was level full of soda cans fishing stuff and gun cleaning stuff and LOTS of other gross stuff. It stank horrible when we took all the carpet out and opened all the windows it smelled tons better!!! We also went up there to go to our friends church picinic it was really exciting it was right beside a creek Rachel loved that she could go and stick her feet in and the fish would come and look!! We stayed there for about 1:00 then we went back to thier house and were there until 8:00 at night and went back to the motel but did not got to bed until 12:00 we were going to sleep in!!HA sleep in. dad only let us sleep in until 9:00 that is not my idea of sleeping in!! Well gotta run time to got to bed!One more day until Sasha my dog comes!!